6 Reasons Why an Insurance Agent Career Is Perfect for You

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Statistics show that while over 70% of people in the US want to be self-employed, only 6% are.

Becoming self-employed can be tough and scary. But, if you pick the right path, it doesn't have to be this way. 

If you're looking to become your own boss, you should definitely consider an insurance agent career. 

Selling insurance an as independent agent is one of the unique fields that allow you freedom from a boss, low barriers to entry, and the potential for high earnings. 

Don't miss out. Keep reading to find out 6 reasons why an insurance agent career could be perfect for you. 



There Is a Growing Need for Insurance Agents

If you're looking to make the jump to being self-employed, it's critical that you pick a field where there is high demand.

As it happens, selling insurance is one of these. Predictions estimate that roughly 50% of people with insurance careers currently will retire by 2028.

As a new insurance agent, this means less competition and more demand, the perfect recipe for success. 

Besides this overall demand, there is also a gap for younger agents in the industry. 

Further statistics show that the average age of an insurance agent in the US is 59. Most agents sell to people who are within five years of their own age.

But, the insurance market isn't just made up of people in their 50s and 60s. People of all ages need insurance.

If you're under 50 and get into selling insurance, you can fill this need and attract younger underserved clients. 


You Get Flexibility

Do you need more flexibility in your schedule?

If so, an insurance agent career might be a perfect fit for you.

Whether you simply crave flexibility because it's in your nature, or you have to work flexible hours due to other commitments—selling insurance can give you the freedom you need. 

You can decide what hours of the day you want to work and schedule these around commitments like taking the kids to school.

You can also decide how much or how little you want to work. 

If you only want to do insurance part-time, you don't need to get anyone's permission.

Or maybe you want to throw everything into your insurance agent career? 

If so, you can put in as many extra hours as you want, when you want, and maybe even start your own independent insurance agency.


Easy Career Transitioning

Because an insurance agent career offers so much flexibility, this can also make career transitioning easier.

Switching careers can be scary, especially if you are transitioning from a steady paycheck to being self-employed. 

If you need to guarantee income stability in the beginning while you test the waters selling insurance, you can combine working part-time in your current field while you learn the ropes of becoming an insurance agent.


An Insurance Agent Career Gives You the Chance to Be Your Own Boss

As we mentioned earlier, the majority of people want to be their own boss, but very few are.

Do you hate having to report to a boss? 

Do you want to manage your own time and answer to no one but yourself?

If yes, an insurance agent career is a tried and true path to freedom. 


Pro Tip: If you decide to start selling insurance, you can opt to work for an agency or carrier, but most agents find that it's more lucrative to be independent.

As an independent agent, you get to choose what products you want to sell, how you want to market yourself, what areas you want to focus on, etc.

You can make your own decisions, and the returns on your hard work will come straight to you, not to someone else's pocket. 


Selling Insurance Allows You to Help People

Something that a lot of people don't realize is that insurance careers allow you to help your community.

Selling insurance isn't about pushing ill-fitting coverage products down people's throats.


It's about helping clients find the perfect coverage for their needs, at the right price for their budget.

Helping people find the right coverage is a very important job.

It allows clients to safeguard their future financial security and wellbeing while making sure they aren't getting ripped off.

Gone are the days of pushy sales tactics. Hard selling is outdated and doesn't drive sustainable results.

If you're wondering how to sell insurance successfully, the secret is to focus on serving your clients' needs.

If you truly help your clients, closing will be a piece of cake, and they may even turn into a source of referral leads.  

If you opt to go the independent agent route, you'll be most equipped to serve your clients and truly help them in their insurance buying process.

As an independent agent, you can offer them a range of products from different carriers. If you work for a carrier, this is not possible. 


There Isn't a Cap On Your Earnings

Another advantage of selling insurance is that there isn't a hard cap on what you can earn. 

If you throw yourself into your insurance agent career and consistently work to grow your sales—you could earn well over 100k a year.

Unlike most salaried jobs, the more you put in, the more you will get it. 

Depending on what type of insurance products you sell, you can also build up a stream of passive income.

Life insurance offers agents ongoing trailing commissions.

If you sell enough policies, the ongoing commissions can grow into a steady stream of passive income.

Are You Contemplating an Insurance Agent Career?

Becoming an insurance career can give your flexibility, the chance to be your own boss, and the opportunity to make a sizable income.

If you do it right, selling insurance also allows you to help others. 

If you want to become an insurance agent, one of the most important things to do is sign up with the right field marketing organization (FMO).

The right FMO can help catapult your success through easy contracting with carriers and additional resources to support you in your journey. 

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