Supplemental Products Insurance

Whenever you are thinking about selling any kind of supplemental products insurance including disability income, cancer policies, dental insurance, accident policies or critical illness, you want to partner with a broker who understands the industry and is committed to making the process as seamless and as professional as possible for you.

 It is our goal at TR King Insurance to ensure that from the point of contracting to closing the sale, that you have a support team on your side making the process as easy as possible.

Basics of Critical Illness Contracting

Critical illness insurance is frequently offered as a complement to Medicare advantage, Medicare or health insurance. Critical illness contracts can also be offered as a stand-alone policy.

In a critical illness insurance policy, the individual insured will usually receive benefits in the form of a lump sum at the first diagnosis of cancer, stroke or heart attack, although certain policies do have slightly different structures.

 As you are likely aware, there is nothing as painful financially as having to cope with a major illness and the inexpensive coverage offered by critical illness can help relieve much of the stress. We have partnered with some of the nation’s leading providers of critical illness insurance and are ready to talk to you about these products at any time.

Supplemental Products Insurance

Accidental Insurance Contracts

Accidental insurance is a great complement to any existing insurance policy. In an accident insurance contract, the individual insured is responsible for paying a deductible that has to be met for emergency purposes.

Usually an accidental insurance policy will cover 100% of all of the expenses associated with an accident, after an emergency room visit minus a small deductible. These are sometimes available as work side benefit programs and are often popularly known through Aflac, but they are also available for independent agents through a number of carriers who have great rates and benefit structure.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Even with decent health insurance, one stay in the hospital could be catastrophic financially for your clients. That’s why they might be interested in hospital indemnity protection. Deductibles, co-pays, lodging, and transportation will not be covered by insurance, leaving you to pay a large bill when you depart. Hospital indemnity insurance can help your clients cover those out of pocket costs so that they have peace of mind. Being able to make the right decision about medical care and getting the help needed without the added financial stress can be important for recovery. That’s why we help connect you to some of the leading providers of these policies.

If you are interested in offering these supplemental products to your clients, doing so can be a great way to think holistically about your client’s insurance needs and to present a broad range of products by the leading insurance companies across the country.

At TR King we are here help you throughout this process from start to finish. Please call us today and speak with our marketing representatives. You can visit out contact page or call us at 540-400-6275 or 1-800-590-7207.