Selling Life Insurance with an Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO)

Start your career in Life Insurance with an 20+ year experienced partner. Give your client's peace of mind.

Top-Rated Contracts

Paid Direct By Insurance Carrier

Easy Online Contracting

Quick Carrier Release

Online Training Programs

Exclusive Agent Discounts

No-Cost Software & Tools

Several Lead Resources & Types

Stellar Agent Support

Mentoring & Guidance For You

Assistance With Client Placement

Rapid Responses To Your Questions

Despite the fact that most people are familiar with the benefits of life insurance, not enough people have it. They may ignore agents selling life insurance or delay purchasing a policy.

The primary reason behind this is that people think they don't need a product if they are young and healthy, but they're DEAD WRONG.

The death of a loved one is an agonizing and life shattering event. The passing of the breadwinner only adds to the staggering amount of decisions made during this time and the lump in in your client's throat from holding back the tears.

We help you sell life insurance, enabling you to fulfill a duty that provides comfort and security to those who need it the most, when they need it the most. When you're selling life insurance an FMO, you get top-rated quality products to offer your clients, get access to online training, and grow your business.

Life insurance is critical, start helping your clients today.

Why Your Clients Find Life Insurance Important and Your Role Within It

Life Insurance gives families the peace of mind that they need when something happens to the policy owner. The coverage amount can be used instantly to knockout worry for immediate expenses, household bills, and secure long-term goals.

As THE AGENT, your role is important to find the right type of life insurance to cover the NEED of your client. Deciding which type of insurance is often a hard decision to make. With your guidance and expertise you will set the client at ease and help find the perfect solution.

There are two primary forms of life insurance known as temporary or permanent coverage. Term Life Insurance is for temporary coverage, a need that is not permanent such as paying off a mortgage, car, college, etc. Universal life or Whole LIfe is used in long-term needs such as planning for death or wealth accumulation. 

What You Get As A Life Insurance Agent

High-Level Contracts For You

You'll have access to national level carriers to offer your clients. Med Supps, MAPDs, Life, Annuities, FE, Short & Long Term, Hospital Indemnities and more.

Open & Quick Carrier Releases

We will immediately release you upon request, as long as you don't owe a debt to an insurance company or us. (We'll even sign a pre-release agreement before you sign up)

No-Cost Software & Tools Provided

Free Access to the following:

  • CRM & CSG Quoting Tools
  • MAPD & PDP Enrollment Tools
  • Guides, Client Materials, & More.

Learn more here.

Mentoring & Guidance Like No Other

We're well known for providing unbiased guidance & mentoring for you and your business. We'll be transparent. Even if it means we're not the right place for you.

Compensation Paid Direct To You

Your contracts are direct to the insurance company. All commissions will be paid directly to you. We'll never be in the middle of your payments.

Online Training Programs

You & downlines you recruit will have FREE VIP access to our hands-off insurance training platforms. Learn more about it here.

Marketing & Lead Resources

Get access to vetted & discounted lead vendors. Several different types to use for your business. Utilize three turn-key lead programs, in Agent Xcelerator. Learn more about those here.

Assistance With Client Placement

If you're in the "field" and struggling to find the right insurance company for your client give us a call. We're here to help you & show you how to find the right one.

Online Contracting Software

Save time, cut down on paperwork, efficiently and seamlessly submit contracts. As a recruiter you get this software at no-cost to offer your downline agents.

Exclusive Agent Discounts

You'll get access to discounts on licensing, technology, leads, software, and other tools to help you cut costs on running your business and make you successful in the field.

Stellar Agent Support For You

We have good ole' fashion customer service with a live person. No crazy phone trees to click through. Just call and you'll be connected to a representative to help you with your needs.

Rapid Responses To Your Questions

We are well known in the industry for rapidly responding to emails, phone calls, live chats, callbacks, and voice messages. (business hours apply) Check out some FAQs here.

Grow Your Business and Bank Account

Start the process to sell insurance today. We'll provide guidance and help you get on the right track for YOU. Feel great while helping those in need and build your revenue.