Selling Annuities with an Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO)

Selling annuities is exciting and thrilling while helping clients towards financial and retirement goals.

Annuities are one of the higher ticket "items" of insurance and make a boom of revenue in your bank account. Finding the right Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) will start you on the right path for selling annuities. 

Help families secure their future and retirement while solidifying your insurance career by eliminating risk and worry for your clients. 

Set your bank account on fire with annuity sales. Engage in seamless contracting and commission schedules delivered straight to you.

Why Your Clients Care About Annuities

Selling Annuities With An Insurance Field Marketing Organization

Basics of Annuities for You

Annuities are seen as an excellent retirement savings opportunity because with so many products on the market, a client can identify the most appropriate company and annuity offering for his or her needs.

Immediate annuities occur when a client makes a lump-sum deposit to generate an immediate stream of income. The payout phase is very quick and normally right away, so immediate annuities fit a client who is either already retired or approaching retirement.

Fixed annuities are started by either making a lump sum deposit or paying in over a period of time to receive a guaranteed rate of return. Fixed annuities are well-suited to clients who want to save on management fees and contract expenses while earning tax-deferred interest with very little market risk.

The benefits of selecting a fixed annuity are:

  • Better interest rate guarantees than other products with long-term savings potential
  • Lifetime income guarantees that are not common with other financial products
  • Withdrawal provisions, including up to 10 percent of the value being taken out of the annuity each year without facing surrender charges
  • Probate avoidance so that annuity benefits pass to the beneficiary without any delays or other hassles

Variable annuities require a little bit extra caution and are normally not an appropriate fit for seniors as a result. Payout on variable annuities depends on the type of investment chosen as opposed to the guaranteed payout of a fixed annuity.

Should I Become an Annuity Agent, What is My Role?

The simple answer is Yes. But keeping reading for the long version of why.

Partnering with a seasoned Annuity Insurance Field Marketing Organization positions you to be able to close sales effectively and efficiently. You serve two very important roles for your client. Educating the client on the benefits of annuities in general and guiding them to the RIGHT selection that MEETS their goals

Annuities are part of a broad retirement or income plan for your clients and they NEED you to guide them along the way.

Setting your client up for success and security will build a strong base of testimonials and referrals.


Pro Tip: If you are currently selling other products, like life insurance, meeting the client's needs requires long-term planning for retirement and income such as annuity products!

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