We Help Seasoned Agents Sell Fixed Indexed Annuities Online and Over The Phone

Get the guidance & tools you need to sell fixed indexed annuities from an experienced insurance field marketing organization (IMO/FMO) with over 20+ years in the industry.

Why Agents Should Start Selling Fixed Indexed Annuity Products

Financial and retirement insurance product

Selling annuities is exciting while providing clients with strategies to meet their financial and retirement goals.

It is the surefire way to help your clients secure their future and retirement without risk and worry.

If you are currently selling other products, like life insurance, meeting the client's needs requires long-term planning for retirement and income such as annuity products!

Large Commissions

Annuities are also one of the higher ticket "products” of insurance that can create a boom of revenue in your bank account.

Set your bank account on fire with annuity sales.

Engage in seamless contracting and commission schedules delivered straight to you.

Work Freedom

When it comes to the job involved in selling fixed indexed annuities, agents enjoy the freedom of not having a regular 9 to 5 work.

You choose where and when you want to work. It means you can run your business to fit your lifestyle.

Selling Annuities Online and Over The Phone with A Proven System

Finding the right Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) will start you on the right path for selling annuities.

Now, to build your Annuity pipeline quickly, we've formed a partnership with Affinity Advisory Network, LLC.

This fast-growing FMO has built systems around helping retired seniors take full advantage of the power of the right annuity.

Vetted TeleLEADS with Requested Appointments (Selling Annuities Online and Over The Phone)

We know that qualified leads are hard to come by.

That’s why our system provides you with prospects who are not only interested in learning more about your products, but have asked to be contacted about them. 

These leads are primed and ready to be notified of your offerings. All you have to do is call.

Prospects and Professionals On Demand (PPOD) System

The system is called Prospects and Professionals On Demand (PPOD).

The system was created by Robert Hall, an industry top producer and founder of Affinity Advisory Network.

This system is now actively being used by independent agents in 38 states.

This PPOD System Is For You If...

  • You want lots of new prospects on-demand
  • You don't want to make cold calls, ever!
  • You want to get lots of referrals (but never have to ask for them)
  • You want easy access to professionals to help increase sales
  • You want your business to be trackable and predictable
  • You want to work with independent attorneys easily
  • You don't want to work nights or weekends
  • You are genuinely skilled at selling and want a system that does the rest of the work for YOU, so you can just SELL!

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Gain More Profit now!

Why Your Clients Care About Annuity Products

There are many benefits for your clients to purchase an annuity such as principle protection, LTC benefits, guaranteed lifetime income, tax deferral, and more!

Getting Started with Selling Fixed Indexed Annuities Online

Partnering with a seasoned Annuity Insurance Field Marketing Organization positions you to be able to close sales effectively and efficiently.

You serve two very important roles for your client.

Educating the client on the benefits of annuities in general and guiding them to the RIGHT selection that MEETS their goals.

Setting your client up for success and security will build a strong base of testimonials and referrals.

Undergo Annuity Insurance Training

Annuities are part of a broad retirement or estate plan for your clients and they NEED you to guide them along the way. 

People who are not familiar with annuities may want to work with an insurance agent, preferably one who is receiving support from a reputable annuity marketing organization out there.

Agents who get the necessary training and guidance from these organizations are likely to be skilled and knowledgeable in selling annuities.

Build A Plan To Fully Secure Your Client's Future

It’s a full-time job to work with the retiring workforce. Retirees have unique goals and concerns that need to be addressed by a strong advisor.

Understanding this market is not as easy as paying to host a seminar and money comes rolling in.

It's vital to discover the real problems, needs, goals, wants, and concerns to fully assist your clients.

Team up with an Annuity IMO

Our partner IMO, Affinity Advisory Network, has perfected every element of their proprietary PPOD system. 

You decide how much you want to sell in 12 months, and we’ll build the plan that can make that a reality. Choosing TR King Insurance Marketing will grant you access to two strong IMOs in the industry!

Prospects and Professionals On Demand (PPOD) System

Quality Prospects On Demand

No cheap, unqualified internet or telemarketed annuity leads with the PPOD system. Everyone has tried them, but soon find out they don’t work for annuities.

With the proven PPOD system, you will get leads generated from a sophisticated marketing machine that pre-educates prospects with the benefits of comprehensive, custom estate protection and financial planning. 

This system is entirely controlled by you. If you want more leads, you simply turn up the marketing. It is an easy system that performs consistently.

Professionals On Demand

This is a critical difference.

A true multi-disciplinary network of professionals surrounds and supports you and your client. When you use the PPOD system, you get immediate access to the professionals in this network.

This includes:

  • Estate Planning Attorneys, VA-Accredited Claims Attorneys, and VA-Accredited Claims Agents
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Agents
  • CRFAs, CPAs, and Tax Accountants
  • Financial Advisors and Registered Investment Advisors

Discounted Media and Advertising

When you use the PPOD system, you also get huge discounts off newspaper advertising and other advertising media to invite the best prospects to your live seminars. 

All the guesswork is gone.

You’ll be running only proven ads with solid track records of filling seminars.

A Proven Seminar

An exclusive, proprietary seminar is customized to your specific state and provided to you at no cost. It is not a standard industry seminar. 

The seminar at the heart of the PPOD system focuses on the protection of assets and the financial options to relieve stress in late retirement years. 

One additional element of the PPOD live seminar is the active participation of a local independent attorney.

The attorney presents the legal portion of the seminar and then becomes a long-term resource to provide independent legal assistance to your client in the future.

A Careful, Methodical, and Proven Process

This is the component that builds trust to the point where nearly 100% of the investable assets can be protected and grown by a customized plan developed out of this multi-week meeting process. 

The PPOD system trains you step-by-step what to do and say in each client meeting, each week.

A Tracking System

The PPOD system provides you a reliable, proven, and customized solution to track the critical aspects of your business

Habitually using this easy, quick system will allow you to make better decisions and grow your practice in a predictable and ultra-efficient manner.

Expert Case Design Assistance

There is an expanded team ready to assist you with standard, complicated, or ultra-challenging case design

These designs come back to you with additional advice on how to properly position and sell the solution to the client.

Psychology of the Senior Sale

There is an entirely different set of words to say, words to avoid, and strategies to use to close the successful senior sale.

The PPOD system will train you in these high-level communication and persuasion methods

Live and virtual trainings are an on-going part of the support you will enjoy when you are actively selling inside the system.

Additional Methods to Increase Fixed-Index Annuity (FIA) Production!

In addition to the PPOD live seminar program, there are other methods to generate prospective clients. Each of these methods still affords you access to all the professionals in the network.


  • You prefer to spend your valuable time getting sales, not leads. These leads have all been screened and have requested appointments. This completely eliminates the time and effort finding leads. The prospects are ready to buy the products you sell, so you can concentrate on maximizing sales.
  • You want pre-qualified leads that have already requested appointments. These are not aged leads that have sat around for months or have been solicited many times before you even get them. These leads are vetted before they even get to you.
  • You don’t want leads that have been resold and recycle. There is no competition for these prospects, so they will never be sold to competitors. These are fully-vetted appointments that are ready to be sold your products.
  • You would like to target your leads precisely. If you want custom selection for your leads, this is the system for you. We can provide leads that are handpicked for your business, with custom targets to boost sales in the way you want.
  • The BINDER PRESENTATION is for you if...

    Binder Presentation is another proven method to increase the number of lines (products) in the household. 

    After completing a Medicare Supplement sale, this is brought to the policy delivery meeting. 

    At that meeting, the binder is given to the client as a way for them to check that other areas of their financial future are safe, secure, and positioned to perform as they desire. This provides a quality transition to a new conversation that leads to an annuity sale.

    The BIRD DOG program is for you if...

  • You prefer selling in the home. Bird Dog is a direct-mail based program that generates an interested prospect who request an appointment to learn more.
  • You prefer the one-on-one, kitchen-table type sale that avoids all the expenses associated with an office, rent, etc.
  • You like to work the numbers. The Bird Dog program is predictable. The number of postcards mailed, the number of first appointments, and the number of closed cases out of each mailing are all known. You can easily work backwards from any desired income level and build your Bird Dog campaign around your goals.
  • The PROVEN INTRODUCTION LETTER is for you if...

  • You have a book of past clients that could benefit from announcing the new service you are now able to provide. This letter works. In just one example, this letter was mailed by one of our agents and he closed a $400,000 annuity sale. He made $26,000.00 in commission! Also, here is the best part, he only mailed 150 letters! Now that's efficient!
  • You do not have immediate money to market with the traditional methods. Marketing to your past book of clients can be a very easy, extremely low-cost way to generate funds to wisely invest in other stronger marketing methods.
  • You prefer not to conduct seminars and speak in public at the live free lunch seminar events that are at the core of the traditional PPOD system. This letter campaign allows you to softly show the benefits of the enhanced protection planning services you can now provide at a distance.
  • The EDUCATION CLASSES are for you if...

    • You prefer to present in a professional learning environment as these classes are presented at local colleges and public libraries.
    • You believe that the information is important and deserves an extended 'course' style learning experience.
    • You are comfortable with providing a free consultation leading into a multiple meeting process.
    • Over 30 professional courses are offered. Choose from: Advanced Estate Planning; IRA's, Annuities, and other sources of retirement income; Planning for long-term care; and more.

    Reach out to us today and we'll make certain you get all the information you need to decide for yourself which of the programs is a good fit for you and your business goals.

    Why Agents Pick Us as Their Annuity IMO

    High Commission Level Contracts

    You'll have access to national carriers to offer your clients with BIG commissions for YOU.

    Med Supps, MAPDs, Life, Annuities, FE, Short & Long Term, Hospital Indemnities and more.

    Compensation paid direct to you

    Your contracts are direct to the insurance company.

    All commissions will be paid directly to you. We'll never be in the middle of your payments.

    All the Marketing Resources & leads you need

    Get access to our LeadStream Lead Portal program.

    You'll be able to buy affordable & vetted digital leads, inbound calls, live transfer calls, and aged leads for final expense, Medicare, and ACA.

    Online Training Programs

    You & downlines you recruit will be upgraded to our Insurance Advisor Elite Training Program with a VIP Account for self-paced insurance training.

    No-Cost Software & Tools Provided

    Free access to the following:

    • Quoting Tools
    • MAPD & PDP Enrollment Tools
    • Drug Savings Program Enrollment Tools
    Stellar agent support for you

    We have good ole' fashion customer service with a live person.

    Just call and you'll be connected to a representative to help you with your needs during business hours.

    rapid responses to your questions

    We are well known in the industry for rapidly responding to emails, phone calls, live chats, messages, and voicemails.

    Mentoring & guidance like no other

    We are well known for providing unbiased guidance & mentoring for you and your business.

    We'll be transparent and straightforward, even if it means we're not the right place for you.

    Assistance with client placement

    If you are helping a client and struggling to find the right product & company give us a call.

    We're here to show you how to find the right one.

    Open & Quick Carrier Releases

    We will release you immediately upon request, as long as you don't owe a debt to an insurance company or us.

    We even sign pre-release agreements before you sign up if you request one!

    Online Contracting Software

    You can submit contracts seamlessly and effortlessly online with our Surancebay (SureLC) software.

    Recruiters can use this software to contract your agents at NO-COST.

    Exclusive Agent Discounts

    You'll get access to discounts on licensing, technology, leads, software, and more to help you save thousands of dollars!

    Your one meeting away from transforming your insurance career.