Reviews and Testimonials by Agents

Hear and see reviews and testimonials by agents that have partnered with us. Learn what other agents have to say about us and our reputation. We strive to always deliver the care, time and effort that cause these agents to speak up about us. Do you have a review or testimonial you’d like to give? Please call 540-400-6275 or 1-800-590-7207 and speak with a representative to schedule live video review. Live chat or simply email us with a written testimonial. We appreciate your feedback and always strive to bring our mission statement to life.

Hear a video review by Agent Stephen Darrington who is the CEO of Dream Team Agency.

Written Testimonies:

An IMO that goes far beyond my expectations!
Paul and Amanda Merchant Independent Insurance Agent
Todd, Matt, Daecy and Mike have all been a blessing to me. You all have gone far beyond what is merely required in mentoring me and helping me mature in this new career. These cookies I have sent does not pay back for all your time, care, and effort but the are a small token of my appreciation. God Bless You.
I Moved From TRKingIM to another IMO and I already came back to them!
Bryon Griffin Independent Insurance Agent
I had transferred a few contracts to try out another IMO. I've been with this other IMO for less than a month and so far I've only experienced inconsistency. I wrote my first few deals with them only to find out that my commission rate was far less than what was agreed upon. I hate to bounce back and forth with IMOs but one thing I always got from TRKingIM was honesty and consistency. I have moved back to them immediately!