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LeadStream Quoting & Enrollment Tools is for insurance agents and agencies to run quotes, check health conditions & underwriting conditions, send comparisons, save prescriptions, check pharmacies, check demographics, and submit e-applications for select carriers.

Step 1

Watch the demo above or call.

Step 2

Get a contract or an active subscription with us.

Step 3

Register your account and start quoting free.

What's the process like?

You get access as a active LeadStream Lead Portal customer or as a contracted agent with one active contract.

LeadStream Quoting & Enrollment Tool is free and included with an active LeadStream Lead portal account for non-contracted agents.

What carriers can I submit e-apps for?

The following Medicare Supplement companies are now available for electronic enrollment:

Aetna & companies (continental, etc)
Mutual of Omaha (and companies)
Elips LIfe
Lumico Life

The following Medicare Advantage companies are now available for electronic enrollment:


What features are included with LeadStream Quote and Enrollment Tool?

Feature 01

Quoting On The Go

Once you are approved, desktop, phone or tablet quoting options are available! Using the same login and password, you can quote from any computer.

Feature 02

Sort by Pricing and Budget

You’ll become more proactive when it comes to your client’s changing needs, finding the products that best fit their budget. Compare rates and customize your quotes.

Feature 03

Compare & Use & Save Drug Data

Compare all carriers and plans, including accurate drug pricing and personalized Medicare options (Med Advantage, MAPD, PDP, & SNP) to ensure reliable plan details and out-of-pocket estimates.

Feature 04

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Simplify your process. Use the best technology to find the plans that best fit a client’s need. Save the data. Plus, save your clients money: total out-of-pocket expenses, including monthly premiums.

Feature 05

Electronic Enrollment

Increase your up-selling potential. Quote and submit a standardized application to multiple carriers all on one platform.

Feature 06

Check Health Conditions

Save time and check health conditions, compare look back periods between carriers to narrow down to specific carriers to write your client with.

Feature 07

Client Manager

Easily store client information and create manageable segments based on key demographics and current plan details. Run new quote options for each segment with the click of a button.

Feature 08

Signature Methods

Several methods accepted, including applicant verification, email signature or text signature. All to help you streamline your process and save you time. Start signing clients today.

Feature 09

Application Dashboard

One platform to manage all completed applications for multiple carriers: plan selection, policy numbers, and applications in progress so you can stay on top of your business.

Feature 09

Analyzing Market Data and Carrier Strength

Know the insurance company's A.M. Best Rating, enrollments, their market growth, years in the market, rating type, rating class, household discount amount, household discount type, and policy fees.

Feature 10

Smart Underwriting & App Logic

“Smart” App technology that verifies the application is accurate and complete before submission. Underwritten in real-time with logic to notify you of declinable conditions and prescriptions.

Feature 10

Competitive Advantage

Track up-to-the-minute quote activity and trends. Forecast the impact on sales based on market activity and product competitiveness. Stay ahead of the competition by identifying changes and trends.

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