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What Items will I need before I get started?

I have not been approved by TR King Insurance Marketing yet, what do I need to do?

STOP: If you are NEW to TR King Insurance Marketing fill out the Onboarding Application first!

What documents will I need to make a profile?

  • Voided Check or Letter From the Bank
  • E&O Insurance If Required By Insurance Carrier
  • EFT Information (Routing & Account Numbers with Bank Address)
  • Driver's License Information and AML Certification of Training
  • Will I need additional documents for setting up a business?

  • Your TAX ID Number (EIN)
  • Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation (Depends on how your business is structured)
  • Resident State Insurance License For Your Business
  • E&O Insurance That Covers Your Business, Yourself, and Your Partners
  • How do I get started If I'm A New user?

  • After All Items Are Gathered, Click "Setup Your Profile".
  • Fill In Required Information to Identify Yourself. Next.
  • Fill In Date of Birth, Click Next.
  • Enter Your Email As Your ID, Click Next.
  • An Email Will Be Sent to Activate Your Account.
  • Find That Email, Verify, and Setup Your Password.
  • Then Login, and Complete Your Profile.
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