No-Cost Software and Tools for Insurance Agents

Below are no-cost software and tools for insurance agents, just like YOU. Get access to these tools and software for FREE with a single active contract.

You can even use these tools as incentives for your downlines, if you are recruiting.

I'm Contracted, When Do I Get Access?

Once you get an active appointment, you will receive an email about each tool and software to sign-up, register, or to login. If you haven't received it, please let us know.

YourMedicare Enrollment Center

Quoting tool, electronic scope of appointment, enroll via e-signature and text message. Find your client's doctor, estimate drug costs, and check formularies.

YourMedicare Enrollment Center Training Center

See YourMedicare Enrollment Center in action. See how to do the following:

  • Send e-signatures and text message
  • Setup your agent profile
  • Create quotes, email quotes, and more.

Agent Compliance Guide & Updates

Free and approved compliance guide & checklist. Make sure you are staying compliant before, during, and after the sale.

YourMedicare Resources

Explore the extensive free resources available from YourMedicareâ„  to help you promote, grow and streamline your Medicare sales process.

YourLife Sales

Explore the extensive free resources available from Your Life Sales to help you promote, grow and streamline Your Life Sales process.

YourMedicare Agent Store

Get branded products from your favorite carriers for events. Products are promotional such as giveaways like pens, bags, totes, and more. 

You can also get event materials like table covers and booklets.

YourMedicare & TR King Insurance Marketing Feeds America

Every enrollment using the YourMedicare Enrollment Center helps feed at least 10 seniors, veterans, children, and families in need.

Online Contracting Software

Complete your contracting paperwork online and seamlessly submit them. Recruiters can use this software to recruit agents into their downline at no-cost.

YourMedicare AHIP Discount

Get a $50 discount on AHIP through our partnership with YourMedicare.

MAPD & PDP Certification News & Guides

Find out carrier certification login links, and certification instructional guides to help you.

Also, find out the timeline for when carriers open their certification programs.

More Free Medicare Training

Get access to basic and advanced Medicare training put together by Agent Xcelerator and Your Medicare.


Access this inside of Agent Xcelerator, under Sales Management.

YourMedicare Social Media Kit

Use CMS-approved social media kits to start a campaign to educate your audience. Easy to use, click a button and share to your preferred platform.

Free Client Materials

Get a collection of CMS approved client materials, newsletters, teaching materials, and more for your use.

These materials are absolutely free to use and are updated for the current year.

Carrier eApp & Remote Signature Guidelines

Check out several scripts, remote business guidelines, phone guidelines, app procedures, tools and more for Annuity, Life, Medicare, Final Expense, and Specialty products.

Agent Xcelerator Program

Get access to a basic CRM to get your business started for FREE. Great for insurance agents just getting started. Manage tasks, clients, activites, and policies all in one place. 

CSG Actuarial Quoting Tools

CSG Actuarial is a powerful and accurate quoting tool for multiple products, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, Hospital Indemnity, Final Expense, and Dental.

Get access to this tool inside of Agent Xcelerator, Under Sales Management.

CSG Actuarial Mobile Quoting App

Inside of the Agent Xcelerator Program, run quotes on your mobile devices for FREE.

To access the app, once logged into Agent Xcelerator, go to Resources > Product Marketing & Sales Support > Agent Xcelerator Mobile App Tile

Your Virtual Selling Tips & Tools

Learn tips and tools for selling insurance virtually. Get information on how to set up a video conference, email signature, text signature, a website, webinars, and more.

RXGO Drug Savings Program

Free prescription drug discount program saving consumers up to 87% off of the Pharmacy's retail price at participating drug stores. Check several discount drug programs at once!

Easy and quick setup, get a personalized website, mobile app, and code as an agent, it's free for you to sign up, and you can get paid. Make extra recurring revenue.

A great alternative to GoodRX, which has started selling Medicare products to the people you send to them. RXGO is not insurance

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