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Medicare Training 101 Program Announcement!

By Matthew King

Written On January 4, 2021

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Finally! The revamped Medicare Training 101 program is here! Learn how you can get VIP access to the new and improved Medicare training 101 program by becoming a valued partner with the TR King Insurance Marketing team.

Continue reading to learn more.


A Short History of Medicare Training 101

The Medicare Training 101 program was created to help insurance agents learn Medicare, how to prospect, and how to sell Medicare-related products. This training was provided to agents by paying a recurring monthly or annual fee to access.

This option is great for agents who don't get training from their uplines or those that didn't want to contract to get access to training from an upline. In the past, we partnered with Medicare Training 101 to provide discounted access for our contracted agents.

However, we just sweetened the deal for our contracted agents. Our agents, as of today, we'll get FREE access to the Medicare Training 101 program!!! (Non-contracted agents can still access this training by paying a recurring monthly or annual fee).

How to Get VIP Access to the Program?

Most places require one of the following things to access their training:

  • Three or more active MEDICARE specific contracts placed with them.
  • An initial deposit + a recurring fee + an active contract.
  • All of your contracts, and you can't be partnered with other FMOs/IMOs.

We wanted to make this as simple as possible for everyone involved.

So, all you need is ONE ACTIVE contract to get VIP Access.

You can visit the website using the button below. But, you'll need to call if you're already a contracted agent.

For newly contracted agents, you'll be given access shortly after you've become active with your first contract.

What's New with Medicare Training 101?

Some of you may already be familiar with MedicareTraining101.com and the service provided.

We know it needed a bit of TLC to bring it back to life. MedicareTraining101.com has been revamped! 

Here are just some of the updates to the program:

  • The program has been expanded to over 120+ lessons on Medicare, business practices, and more.
  • Members can add themselves to the directory and connect with other members.
  • Members can manage their subscription in the Member Dashboard.
  • Courses and lessons are now tracked so that you can monitor your progress along the way.
  • Over 20+ downloads, worksheets, documents, tools, and software have been added to the program to aid members in learning and implementation of their career.
  • Discussion sections have been added to each lesson. Members may connect with fellow agents during the program to help, ask for help, discuss concepts, and provide feedback or suggestions.

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Matthew King

Matthew King is a co-owner of TR King Insurance Marketing. When he's not creating processes, content, developing training, and implementing digital marketing strategies, he likes to immerse in gaming with his wife and friends.

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