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Medicare Advantage and PDP Online Enrollment

Skyrocket Your Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and PDP Sales With Our Online Enrollment Tool

TR King Insurance Marketing is proud to offer a leading technology solution for online enrollment of Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and PDP sales at absolutely zero cost to you; find out how to gain access now!


How To Gain Access To The Medicare Advantage and PDP Online Enrollment Tool

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan Electronic Scope of Appointment and Enrollment Tools

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  • 1
    Join TR King Insurance Marketing as a partner or be within the hierarchy (independent insurance agent or agency).
  • 2
    ​Request at least one of the carriers on the list below.
  • 3
    Complete your AHIP training and carrier(s) specific certification.
  • 4
    Get your ready to sell status and writing number from the carrier(s) requested
  • 5
    You will automatically be enrolled into the DRX Tool. Be on the lookout for email granting you instant access. (See example below, after the carriers available box)


Carriers Currently Available For Use: 

  • Aetna Coventry
  • Humana
  • United Health Care
Get Instant Access To The Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and PDP enrollment Tool

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The image above is the email you should receive to gain instant access. If for some reason you do not within 72 hours after getting your writing number and ready to sell status. Please contact our offices. 

Starting a Consultation with Your Prospect (Create a Profile)

Starting A Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and PDP Consultation With Your Prospect (Create a Profile)

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Every interested prospect/client should start off with you creating their profile and beginning the consultation process. The profile creation process is completed in four simple steps and sets you on your way to collecting a electronic scope of appointment from your prospect/client. 

To demonstrate, the steps are broken down below:

  • 1
    Click Start Consultation .
  • 2
    Fill Out Profile Information.
  • 3
    Make Any Necessary Notes/Tasks If Needed.
  • 4
    Click Continue and Move To The Electronic Scope of Appointment (SOA).

Electronic Scope of Appointment by Email or Paper for Your Prospects/Clients

Emailing Your Electronic Scope of Appointment To The Client

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As the next page loads, if your prospect/client included a email address it will automatically appear here. Simply fill in an email address if you didn't before and email the scope of appointment to your prospect/client.

If your prospect/client doesn't have a email address, that's okay! 

Click the "Mail" option and download a paper scope of appointment then mail to your prospect/client to be returned to you.


Pro Tip: ​The scope of appointment by phone option is currently unavailable.

What your prospect/client is looking for after you send an electronic scope of appointment

Electronic Scope of Appointment 1st Email

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Your prospect/client should receive an email stating their name and thanking them for their interest, with preview text about what the email is about.You can see a sample above. Make sure your prospect/client checks their spam folder just in case.  

Electronic Scope of Appointment Client Side Email

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Once your prospect/client opens that email, they will be asked to fill out the electronic scope of appointment and select all Medicare Health plans they wish to discuss. The email states the importance of the scope of appointment and that it is required by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

The email includes your contact information and a button to click the scope of appointment form. Have your prospect/client click that.  

Electronic Scope of Appointment Confirmation Form

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  • Have the prospect/client pick all products they wish to discuss. if they do not and bring up another topic, another scope of appointment will have to be filled out before you can discuss that topic. 
  • Then have your prospect/client put in all of their information and click the submit button!
Thank you Confirmation For Your Scope of Appointment

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Your prospect/client will see a thank you confirmation page if their submission has gone through successfully. At that point, you should also see their scope of appointment under the "SOA" tab after a refresh.

Here is an example below:

Collected Eletronic Scope of Appointment For You

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Pro Tip: When you see this created scope of appointment, click on the "awaiting to be submitted" text to continue and fill in your required information.

Insurance Agent Electronic Scope of Appointment Completion

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After completely filling in your information and hitting the submit button the electronic scope of appointment will be completed. You will click continue and move to the next section.

Health Information to Help Estimate Annual Cost For Your Clients

Health Section of MAPD and PDP Online Enrollment

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As you press continue, the information will auto-populate for you. All that will be left to do here is confirm the zip code, age range, and health status (make sure they do not have end-stage-renal-disease also known as "ESRD") of your prospect/client and click continue to move to the next section. 

Quick Extra Help Check

Medicare Extra Help Check Online Enrollment Tool

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Quickly check with your prospect/client if they have qualified for extra help for Medicare. Select the appropriate level and hit the continue button to go on to the next section.

Add Your Prospect/Client's Drugs To Help Estimate Drug Cost

Add Your Client's Drugs When Doing A Medicare Advantage and PDP Sale Online

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  • 1
    Ask your prospect/client the drugs they take, as you type them in they auto-populateIf you are unsure about the spelling, check the Alphabetical list, then add the dosage and quantity, and click add drug. Add all the drugs your client takes.
  • 2
    If your prospect/client has no more drugs to be added click drug list complete.

Find The Pharmacy For Your Prospect/Client

Client Pharmacy Finder For Medicare Advantage and PDP Sales

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  • Enter the prospect/client's zip code and find the Pharmacy they are use to going to or some that are closest to them. Select and hit continue. 

Show Plan Value and Let The Client Enroll While You Get Credit For Your Sale

View and Compare MAPD and PDP Plans With Online Enrollment Tool For Agents

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  • 1
    View all plans available for your prospect/client.
  • 2
    Compare up to 3 plans at once side by side (and send a multi-quote).
  • 3
    Click view details of plans that fit your clients needs.
Send The Final MAPD and PDP Quote To Your Client For Enrollment

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  • 1
    Check that your prospect/client's Physician is in the network by using the Physician Directory.
  • 2
    Confirm that your prospect/client's Pharmacy is in the network.
  • 3
    Confirm that the drugs are covered with a final check.
  • 4
    If everything is covered and in network, send your prospect/client a quote for their comparison, cost details, star rating, benefits, all plan documents will be provided when they enroll (summary of benefits, benefits at a glance, evidence of coverage, and notice of nondiscrimination) and enrollment.


Pro Tip: In the quote email the prospect/client will also get a downloadable Summary of Benefits so you don't have to worry about providing it. Below is an example of the two emails your prospect/client will be expecting. 

What your prospect/client can expect when quoting and enrolling

Two Emails When Quoting and Enrolling A MAPD and PDP Sale

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  • The first email will be the quote that you are sending your prospect/client. Along with the Benefit Summary I mentioned earlier. (See First Image Below).
  • The second email will be a verification code used to view the quote for security purposes. (See Second Image Below).
View Quote Email For Client

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The first example email above is of how the prospect/client will see the quote you sent them.

View Authorization Email For Client

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The second example email above is of how the prospect/client will see the authorization code to view your quote.

View Quote With Client & Authorization Code

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Once your prospect/client clicks the button that says view quote in the email they will be taken to a web page asking for the authorization code I mentioned in the second email. Have them put in that code and click continue.

Revewing Information With Your Client and Comparing Plans

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The prospect/client will be taken to a page to confirm all of their information, change any preferences, then view the plan(s) and pick one or shop for other plans. Once all of their information has been confirmed they will click "view details" of the plan they want to choose.

Enrolling Your MAPD and PDP Sale Online

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On this page, your prospect/client will be able to review costs, coverage overview, benefits, and download all plan documents. After they have reviewed and downloaded the plan documents, have the prospect/client click on "Enroll in this plan".

The prospect/client may have to answer a few more questions and put in their Medicare information. After this you are done! Congratulations on your easy sale!

How You Can Use This To Build Your Agency (Yes, Your Downlines Can Use This Too)

One of the best things about this software is it is not branded to our name. It is software that you and your downlines can use with absolutely zero cost and double your sales by following a simple process

Your downlines simply need to get appointed with the carriers listed above at the very beginning of the article, get certified for AHIP and carrier specific training, get ready to sell notification with a writing number and they will also receive instant email access to the online Medicare Advantage and PDP Enrollment Tool. 

Additional Features and Functions

Every year additional features and functions will be added to the online MAPD and PDP enrollment tool. We strive to keep our post and website updated on a regular basis. You can check back in this article for future updates on features and functions. We have listed some of the features and functions below that are available right now!

View Your Dashboard

On your dashboard you can view completed enrollments under reports. You may also view tasks/notes you've added to specific profiles. By clicking on the beneficiaries name you are also able to restart a previous consultation.

Search Profiles

You can search for specific profiles by first name, last name, phone, and date of birth to find profiles you have started. You may click on the enrollment history then shop plans to restart a consultation.

Restart a Previous Consultation

You can restart a previous consultation by using two easy methods.

  1. Method One: If you created a task in a profile before you stopped consultation. You can view your dashboard, click on tasks, then the beneficiaries name to start where you left off.
  2. Method Two: Search for a profile (see above) and click on the enrollment history then shop plans to start where you left off.

Start A New Enrollment

We do not recommend starting off with this option. But if you must, you simply click the start new enrollment button, plug in the zip code and hit submit. The MAPD and PDP Online enrollment tool will pull up all the plans in the area. Then you can send a quote or enroll the client but you will not have all the estimated cost from using the consultation method.

Send A Quick Quote

Simply click the send quick quote button, type in the zip code and select the plan(s) and send quote button again. You will be asked for critical information to be able to send the quote. After you input that information. You can send the quote(s) with an authorization code.

Check Physicians Finder, Formulary Drug Finder, or Pharmacy Finder without Enrolling Or Quoting

At the bottom of the page, agents and clients (on the agent's portal) are able to quickly access the Physician Finder, Formulary Drug Finder, and Pharmacy Finder to answer network questions without having to do a quote, consultation, or enrollment.

Send Clients Your Personalized URL To Self Enroll and Get Paid

Agents can provide a direct link to their URL in their email signature or marketing materials. The look and feel of your personalized portal is optimized to increase conversion rates and provide a great user experience.

Electronic Signature Capture

Clients are now able to include electronic signature capture by electronically signing the enrollment form using keyboard, mouse, or a scribe tool during the enrollment.

Checking Your Winning Stats

At the bottom of the page, after logging in, click on Enrollment Status and Opportunities to check a plan year and see completed enrollments, partial enrollments, and total profiles created. You will see the statistics broken down into MA, MAPD, PDP, and Med Supp. If you use Agency Xcelerator you may also all of your book of business there as well.

Over to You

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on:

  1. Are there any features you would like to see added to this software?
  2. Is there something we left out in this article that you need to know?
  3. Was the software easy to use, why or why not?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We will carefully read each one of them. Happy Selling!

About the Author Matthew King

Matthew King is a co-owner of TR King Insurance Marketing and partner at Independent Life Insurance Agent Association. When he's not creating processes, content, and developing SEO strategies, he likes to immerse in gaming with his wife and friends.