November 16

7 Marketing Mistakes Insurance Agents Make (Don’t Be Like Them!)

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Do you find it challenging to market yourself to prospective clients? Do you have trouble securing contracts with major insurance providers?

You might be missing out on the latest marketing trends, such as automation, in which 64% of marketers claim higher lead generation in the first six months. Or, maybe you're not nurturing those leads.

These are just a few of the common marketing mistakes made by insurance agents. Learn about the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them impacting your insurance sales with this guide.



Doing It Yourself (Without Guidance)

The DIY mentality works well for personal hobbies and side hustles. The number one mistake for marketing your insurance business? Doing it yourself without the guidance of an expert.

DIY marketing offers more pitfalls in the long run. It can seem like a great idea with free resources like web design templates. When you choose to market yourself without expertise, odds are, you're setting yourself up for failure.

When you DIY your insurance business, you can make costly marketing mistakes. You can either over or underinvest in specific tools and resources. Even if you have a tight budget, you can't expect to generate leads if you don't invest in reaching them.

Insurance agency marketing can overwhelm anyone. You might have a dialed-in budget. You might feel that social media or email marketing are not worth it.


Pro Tip: The best thing you can do for your insurance agency marketing is to consult an expert. Talk to a professional marketing agency. Consult one that understands marketing and securing long-term prospects.


Overcomplicating Things

Often a side effect of DIY marketing, overcomplicating your content and message happens all of the time. Overwhelming targeted customers is another of many common marketing mistakes.

Even if you consult a professional marketing agency, you still run the risk of excess. You might purchase too many domain names to boost your search rank mistakenly. Or, you might try to use more than one official agency site.

These are just a few examples of overcomplicating things. You might also spread yourself too thin over multiple marketing channels. This wastes valuable time and energy.

You might be bold enough to attempt social media or marketing campaigns, but how do you come across? Are you spamming subscribers and followers? Or, are you not reaching them enough?

To connect with organic leads for Medicare or other types of insurance, keep it simple. Target your prospects accurately with specific advertising. Make your brand stand out with unique service and personality.


Not Putting the You In Your Sales

Successful insurance agency marketing requires branding.

Do you know what a personal brand is?

If not, you're practicing another one of many common marketing mistakes.

Whatever content you produce for marketing needs to be personalized. Whether it's web copy, social media content, or email blasts, prospects need a personal touch to connect. When you brand correctly, you play on organic, emotional elements.

When people care, they invest.

Insurance is not a numbers game for your customers. Instead, they want a good deal that makes them feel protected.

If you can communicate your concern for their sense of security, you can connect with prospects on an emotional level. You can include this concern in your brand voice. When prospective customers sense you carethey'll want to work with you more.

Your brand voice does not have to be a sentimental one. It can be humorous or practical, depending on the type(s) of insurance you sell. As long as you maintain brand consistency, your customers can recognize your purpose or mission for selling.


Misdirecting Your Prospects In Your Sales Funnel

Where does your content send prospective clients?

What platforms or marketing channels do you use to solicit prospects?

If your insurance agency marketing has unclear calls to action, you might be making mistakes with your content.


Pro Tip: The best way to direct prospects is with targeted content.

You need to know your demographic and their purchase patterns to meet them where they are. When they hit the buying point of the sales journey, you should only have one place to send them.

Your calls to action should be clear, concise, and straightforward. They should also offer a follow-up opportunity for you to maintain a connection to slower leads. For example, if customers fill out a contact form, make sure to connect with them.

If you have purchased multiple domains in your area in the hope of driving up site traffic, you've made a mistake. Instead of providing a singular portal for interaction, you've created a virtual maze. Unless you redirect all of those domains to one site, you've wasted your investment.

Likewise, if you create too many social media profiles, you'll confuse prospects. If you know your audience, then you know which channels to use. Specific social media platforms might not suit your clients, so use one or two of the most impactful instead.


Treating Prospects Like Profit

One of the marketing mistakes insurance agents make is treating prospects like profit margins instead of people. It's easy to forget the people behind the dollar signs, especially when insurance sales are so competitive. Those insurance agents who avoid marketing mistakes like this are the same ones who get ahead.

If you look at prospective clients' pain points, you can tailor your entire marketing strategy. For example, with a sympathetic or sentimental brand voice, you can cater to new grandparents as a problem solver to protect their future and down the generation line.

Treating your service as a solution increases its marketability. Prospects struggle to appreciate an object with a price tag for its inherent value. Instead, show them the emotional security they're investing in.

You might struggle to connect with prospects on a personal level if you don't do your market research. When you understand customer behavior, you can meet them at their problems more directly. This also helps you to see the people behind the profit.


Inconsistent Communications

Do you schedule your insurance agency's marketing content? Or, are you manually sending out emails and posts on social media?

If you aren't automating your advertising content, you're wasting time and energy.

You might not be posting at the best times. You also can't track which ads you've purchased and used are most effective. If you don't have a content calendar or marketing schedule, you probably produce inconsistent communications.

If you miss the mark on optimal posting times or email open times, you're losing out on prospective clients. To avoid marketing mistakes like this, you need a plan. Your prospects will recognize your brand more and respond to your calls to action.

Consistently producing content requires producing a lot at once and slowly dispersing it over time. When you target your audience correctly, you'll see leads convert to sales. The more present you are in clients' minds, the more likely they are to work with you.


Pro Tip: Don't spam their inboxes or social feeds. Do your research and communicate at optimal times for the most impact. You can streamline this process even further with automated processes.


Avoiding Social Media Marketing

Are you wary of social media marketing? Do you only market on one channel? 

If so, you're missing out on excellent lead generation opportunities.

You can make the most of social media. Really, you can. All it takes is finding the right platform and dedicating your content to posting consistently.

You can use social media marketing to redirect prospects to your website.


Pro Tip: You can also integrate it with email marketing campaigns to engage users where they are. The best way to convert leads involves understanding your target demographic.

If you haven't invested in market research, you're likely to have a negative experience with social media advertising. You can consult a professional marketing agency to learn the ins and outs of using this platform to your benefit, too.

With most of today's searches on mobile devices, you need to meet consumers on this portal. Instead of popups or tracked ads across webpages, you need to stop avoiding social media marketing.

The Best Way to Avoid Making Even More Marketing Mistakes

Now that you know the most common marketing mistakes for insurance agents, you need a contract to sell with insurance companies. You want professional guidance and support for your marketing efforts.

You also want a representative who helps you present your best sales self to potential insurance appointments. TR King Insurance Marketing is here to help.

Not only do we have useful content like this. We also provide education and advice for insurance agents like you. We're here to provide guidance on growing your site traffic and boost your marketing impact.

Get in touch with us today to open yourself up to high-level contracts with the nation's leading insurance providers for life and Medicare.

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