We Help Experienced Agents Increase Revenue Selling Long-Term Care (LTC)

Get the guidance & tools you need to sell Long-Term Care (LTC) from an experienced insurance field marketing organization (IMO/FMO) with over 20+ years in the industry.

Why Agents Should Start Selling Long-Term Care (LTCi) Products

A product that lowers stress and financial pressure

Long-Term Care insurance helps to provide for the costs associated with home healthcare, assisted living facilities, and nursing home care that is not typically covered by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.

70% Chance clients will use long-term care services

There's a myth that the elderly are the only ones who need protection, leading many to put off their purchase of LTCi.

However, studies show that 40% of the people who will need long-term care services during their lifetime are between ages 18 - 64. Therefore, long-term care insurance is a product for everyone.

Someone reaching age 65 today has a 70% change of requiring long-term care services according to longtermcare.gov

Work Freedom

When it comes to the job involved in LTCi insurance, agents enjoy the freedom of not having a regular 9 to 5 work.

You choose where and when you want to work. It means you can run your business to fit your lifestyle.

Insurance Field Marketing Organization (IMO/FMO) Is Here to Help

If you are looking at selling LTC for your clients to help minimize the stress and financial pressure experienced by families in crisis situations then TR King Insurance Marketing a Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) will help you.

By helping families avoid crisis situations you allow them to get the right kind of care and a chance for a solid testimonial to your prospects.

Get your commissions directly in your bank account. A smooth contracting experience with commission schedules delivered to your inbox.

Get More Revenue now!

Why Long-Term Care (LTCi) Insurance Appeals to Consumers?

There's a saying that if you go without a long-term care insurance policy, you're self-insuring by committing all of your assets (nest egg) to a potential long-term care event in the future.

If you could help clients protect their legacy and their life savings by presenting them with the option of a long-term care insurance policy, you'd be helping to address a big need in the market.

  • Qualifying for long-term care insurance when you're younger and more likely to be healthy is suggested. No one knows when or if a long-term care event will impact you, but you can protect your future by purchasing insurance to manage that risk.
  • Protect years of hard work and your client's assets (nest egg) with a long-term care policy. One major health problem could set your client back after years of hard work and saving.
  • Long-term care insurance can help offset the costs of staying in an assisted living facility. The national average cost according to Glenworth for an assisted living facility is nearly $45,000 for one year in 2017.
  • If your client needs a private room for care, long-term care insurance can help protect their life savings. According to Glenworth a private room is a staggering $97,455 for one year in 2017.

Getting Started with Selling Long-Term Care Insurance

YOU can provide financial security and peace of mind for your clients. 

Many have experienced either watching or hearing about a loved one's health and financial condition deteriorating due to a long-term care event.

Undergo Long-Term Care Insurance Training

Selling long-term care insurance comes with a lot of moving parts to be aware of due to the complex nature of care needed in the later years of life.

Get the knowledge you need to sell effectively by committing to long-term insurance training early in your career.

LTCi is Becoming More Vital to Everyday Life

With increasing longevity and the cost of long-term care, LTC has never been as important as it is today. 

Most don't realize that their health insurance and government support programs are unlikely to meet the needs of a person after just one long-term care event.

Team up with a Long-Term Care Insurance IMO

Working with an IMO who will guide and support you along the way will help you contribute to your success as an insurance agent.

Rather than look far for an IMO, turn to TR King Insurance Marketing. We’ll help you start your insurance career on the right track.

Why Agents Pick Us as Their Long-Term Care Insurance IMO

I Don't Feel Alone In The Industry Anymore!

Before working with TR King Insurance Marketing, I was with an MLM and my biggest struggle was trying to get someone to purchase the service and trying to recruit. The previous place seemed more interested in recruiting than properly training the agents how to find and work leads to grow their business. I sell Final Expense and I'm about to start studying for a Health Insurance license so I can sell Medicare Advantage and Supplement.

I want to be able to offer life insurance to people like myself who may not qualify for a term or whole life policy because of pre-existing health conditions. They need to be covered so families aren't devastated by the financial burden of burying a loved one. I would absolutely recommend TR King Insurance Marketing to any agent! In fact, I already referred an agent here. I love that I can talk to Todd. He's transparent and nonjudgmental when I told him about my prior or lack of experience in insurance.

TR King Insurance Marketing took a chance on me and I appreciate it. I don't have any revenue yet because I just started, but thanks to their training. I have obtained two additional licenses to increase my consumer reach which will no doubt catapult me into a great earning quarter next year. Matthew and Todd are so generous with their time. They will answer your questions by chat, by phone, and by email. I don't feel alone and I'm not left to figure it out by myself.

Bonnie A Price ... Independent Insurance Agent

Good People, Supportive, Willing to Help.

I'm a Medicare agent who soon after joining TR King had an automobile accident that caused me to be out of the field. What has impressed the most so far is how the staff has been checking in on me to make sure I'm okay. TR King has the agent's best interest in mind. They are responsive, supportive, and willing to do what's needed to help in the process and achieve positive results. This new IMO/FMO is a good fit for me.

Ron J Rudolph ... Independent Insurance Agent

An IMO That Let's Me Be Truly Independent!

Communication. The communication with the contracting department was by far the best I have experienced. Very VERY proactive. I have just started with TR King, but my focus currently is Final Expense Insurance. Of course. The lack of the cult-ish environment and no bait and switch were some of the things that attracted me to this FMO. Also, a very important factor for me is the number of carriers and products I have access to!!!

Before I joined, I was making $15-20K per month. Again, I just started, but with the added products and street-level contracts, I am forecasting upwards of $35-40K per month NET INCOME after joining TR King. Again, the staff is phenomenal. Todd King was upfront about what he does and has to offer! No push to recruit. No push to sell "ONE PARTICULAR" carrier. But upfront discussion about where you are and where you want to be!

Richard Fuller Jr ... Independent Insurance Agent
High Commission Level Contracts

You'll have access to national carriers to offer your clients with BIG commissions for YOU.

Med Supps, MAPDs, Life, Annuities, FE, Short & Long Term, Hospital Indemnities and more.

Compensation paid direct to you

Your contracts are direct to the insurance company.

All commissions will be paid directly to you. We'll never be in the middle of your payments.

All the Marketing Resources & leads you need

Get access to our LeadStream Lead Portal program.

You'll be able to buy affordable & vetted digital leads, inbound calls, live transfer calls, and aged leads for final expense, Medicare, mortgage protection, life, under 65, and ACA.

Online Training Programs

You & downlines you recruit will be upgraded to our Insurance Advisor Elite Training Program with a VIP Account for self-paced insurance training.

No-Cost Software & Tools Provided

Free access to the following:

  • Quoting Tools
  • MAPD & PDP Enrollment Tools
  • Drug Savings Program Enrollment Tools
  • Lead Portal to get leads & manage your team
Stellar agent support for you

We have good ole' fashion customer service with a live person.

Just call and you'll be connected to a representative to help you with your needs during business hours.

rapid responses to your questions

We are well known in the industry for rapidly responding to emails, phone calls, live chats, messages, and voicemails.

Mentoring & guidance like no other

We are well known for providing unbiased guidance & mentoring for you and your business.

We'll be transparent and straightforward, even if it means we're not the right place for you.

Assistance with client placement

If you are helping a client and struggling to find the right product & company give us a call.

We're here to show you how to find the right one.

Open & Quick Carrier Releases

We will release you immediately upon request, as long as you don't owe a debt to an insurance company or us.

We even sign pre-release agreements before you sign up if you request one!

Online Contracting Software

You can submit contracts seamlessly and effortlessly online with our Surancebay (SureLC) software.

Recruiters can use this software to contract your agents at NO-COST.

Exclusive Agent Discounts

You'll get access to discounts on licensing, technology, leads, software, and more to help you save thousands of dollars!

Your one meeting away from transforming your insurance career.