Selling Long Term Care with a Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO)

Long Term Care insurance helps to provide for the costs associated with home healthcare, assisted living facilities, and nursing home care that is not typically covered by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. 

If you are looking at selling LTC for your clients to help minimize the stress and financial pressure experienced by families in crisis situations then TR King Insurance Marketing a Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) will help you. 

By helping families avoid crisis situations you allow them to get the right kind of care and a chance for a solid testimonial to your prospects. 

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Who Needs LTCi?

There's a myth that the elderly are the only ones who need protection, leading many to put off their purchase of LTCi. However, studies show that 40% of the people who will need long-term care services during their lifetime are between ages 18 - 64. Therefore, long-term care insurance is a product for everyone.

Qualifying for long-term care insurance when you're younger and more likely to be healthy is suggested. No one knows when or if a long-term care event will impact you, but you can protect your future by purchasing insurance to manage that risk.


Pro Tip: Someone reaching age 65 today has a 70% change of requiring long-term care services according to

There's a saying that if you go without a long-term care insurance policy, you're self-insuring by committing all of your assets (nest egg) to a potential long-term care event in the future. If you could help clients protect their legacy and their life's savings by presenting them with the option of a long-term care insurance policy, you'd be helping to address a big need in the market.

Fast Facts on LTCi

  • The national average cost according to genworth for an assisted living facility is nearly $45,000 for one year in 2017.
  •  Also according to genworth a private room is a staggering $97,455 for one year in 2017.
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So, Why Should You Become a LTCi Agent?

With increasing longevity and cost of long-term care, LTC has never been as important as it is today. Most don't realize that their health insurance and government support programs are unlikely to meet the needs of a person after just one long-term care event.

YOU can provide financial security and peace of mind for your clients. Many have experienced either watching or hearing about a loved one's health and financial condition deteriorating due to a long-term care event.

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