Tips for Finding Life Insurance Leads for Agents on Social Media

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With around 70% of adults aged 50+ using Facebook, let alone other social media, there are plenty of ways to find leads who might want life insurance. Still, social media is a big world, and life insurance leads for agents are not always easy to find if you do not know what you are doing. So, what are some ways you can use social media as a life insurance agent to help you grow your customer base?

Below, we offer several tips that could help you in your first forays into the crucible of social media platforms. As you read through them, make some notes on the direction you want to take and the type of presence you want to bring to the table as your following grows.

Find Your Target Social Niche

When you start your journey into the social sphere, you will need to work out who your target is. There is every chance you or your insurance company already have a strong idea of the people you target. However, be aware that this may not translate well into the online space.

Think about performing market research to find the overlap of social media users with those who might buy your insurance. You may find you need to pivot a little to get better leads moving forward. In understanding the people who might see your content, you can start to post in a way that is more relevant to the leads you want to generate.

Pick Your Platforms With Care

There are many social media platforms available online. Each of them appeals to very different demographics due to how one accesses them, when the site appeared online, and the content they display.

Choosing the right social media platform is important to ensure you find leads that match the type of lead you wish to find.

For example, if you want to aim for a broader audience, Facebook has the widest set of demographics. Despite this, it does skew to the older crowd, who may be who you wish to target.

At the same time, you may be searching for high-profile professionals to target. LinkedIn contains many people who fit that description, as well as business owners and those looking for new careers.

Based on your chosen demographics (above) find a platform that matches your aims to have the best chance of success.

Design Your Online Profile to Draw in Leads

While it may be tempting to start posting straight away, a little bit of preparation can mean the difference between success and failure. When people see your content, they are going to check out your details, and a well-crafted profile will make you look much more trustworthy.

Use a profile image that makes you look professional, using either a headshot or a corporate logo depending on how you plan to present yourself. You should then create a bio (a short description about you) that makes who you are and what your expertise is clear. It should be obvious from the start that you are involved in life insurance, to prevent people from feeling lied to.

You can also use this opportunity to show off any specific accolades you or your company have earned in the bio. These will give people more reason to assume you are a leader in the life insurance world.

Use the Algorithm to Your Advantage

Social media does not show everything to everyone who follows you in most cases. It relies on algorithms to display or hide specific information, based on a long set of rules.

High-quality posts encourage people to interact with them. Then, the more interactions they have, the higher their visibility rises. Though, there are a few ways to make use of the algorithm that anyone can leverage.

A few examples of these include:

Use hashtags. These are short camelcase statements, such as #lifeInsurance, #photoOfTheDay, or #noFilter. They present an idea of the content people are seeing and allow the algorithm to push your posts to people interested in that content.

Some people even search for content based on hashtags. So, use them when you can, as you do not want to be missing from the results when someone looks for things related to your offering.

Post images. It may seem simple, but images do two things that can improve how your posts appear.

First, they display in a larger area in terms of on-screen size, meaning people are more likely to glance at your content. Also, social media tends to promote images higher than other types of posts. Of course, some platforms either demand pictures, such as Instagram, or disallow them, such as TikTok.

Try for relatable content. People tend to click “Like” or “Retweet” on things that they feel relate to them. So, make sure what you post is something people gel with, or even want to share, to encourage them to boost your content.

Share Industry-Leading Content

Life insurance is a complex area for both professionals working in the field as well as those looking to buy it for themselves. If you promote yourself as knowledgeable and a thought leader in this sphere, you can help others understand how you can offer them value. This then increases the number of followers you can gain and the number of leads who may engage with you.

Examples of things you could share, or even create yourself, include:

  • Blog articles about how to get the best out of a policy
  • Videos helping people understand life insurance details
  • Life insurance Q&A sessions
  • Infographics of the state of the life insurance industry

Not only can these boost your visibility, but many of them can also lead to people having further questions. This opens up dialogue with potential leads as they approach you to clarify things.

Determine Your Approach

There are four primary approaches you can take when you create any content online. Each of these appeals to a different strength people have in creating content. Think about which of these you want to run with, and ensure that all content relates to the one you pick.

Entertaining content. This uses storytelling or even humor to draw the attention of a potential audience. It can teach, or simply act as a distraction, but you should always consider how it could lead to conversion.

Educational content. It can be hard to differentiate between a piece of sincere educational content and an advert. Still, you can share articles or guides on how to get the best policy, for example.

Life insurance is sometimes very hard to understand, and at times feels like it uses its own language. You could, for example, create content that helps people understand some complex insurance terms. This might encourage potential leads to reach out if they have further questions.

Motivational content. Life insurance can be depressing for some people, especially if recent circumstances led to their search for it. Inspirational stories of people who were helped by life insurance, or similar, could encourage people to talk to you about how you can help them, too.

Community-building content. The idea of a sense of community for those with life insurance may sound strange. Still, if Wendy’s can do it, so can you.

Engage in conversations with others in your industry, and with those who might be thinking about insurance. You could even try out a specific voice and attitude that establishes you as “not like other insurers”.

Engage With Other Professionals

You will in no way be the only life insurance expert on the platform. As you continue to grow in the social media arena, be aware that other agents will be working there too. Despite being competitors, it is also important to network with them to share insights and ensure you all uplift one another.

Find out which other agents share valuable content and engage with their community. You may be able to share your own story with them and attract leads from their circle while otherwise collaborating.

Target Ads at Your Niche

As well as posting valuable content that can sway minds, many companies create targeted ads. This enables a high level of precision for communication, and you can define the types of people who will see the adverts. These targets may relate to age, location, or even the types of conversations people are having.

If there are major events people are attending, you can focus on those, or even people watching a specific movie or TV show. If someone on the show needed life insurance and did not have it, you could leverage that unique fear to encourage people to reach out.

Contact Influencers

While it may sound strange, there are several ways an influencer might have an interest in life insurance promotion. Not all “influencers” are very young people trying the latest viral trend, after all. Several are open to creating promotional content and would be more than willing to help you in exchange for a fee.

The benefits influencers offer include the social relationship they have with people who follow them. Often called “parasocial”, this dynamic encourages feelings of friendship and trust.

Leveraging this type of interaction, influencers can craft a form of promotional storytelling. If your life insurance is a part of that story, it normalizes the offer of your service and makes it a “lifestyle brand”.

Influencers are also very good at correcting people on common misconceptions, such as something that is very hard to understand. They can make life insurance a relatable concept and also let people know that they can talk to you to make the process of signing up far easier.

Track Life Insurance Related Keywords

Being engaged with social media can be time-consuming, not to mention exhausting. Instead of following as much as you can, instead try to use business tools to mention specific keywords. This can offer you insights into what people are saying about life insurance at any time and tap into that zeitgeist when posting.

In always being at the forefront of the conversation, you can position yourself as a person who is engaged with the life insurance world. This gives you the appearance of a thought leader and encourages more potential conversions to follow you.

Engage With Comments

Remember that social media is not a one-way street. You do not create content that sits in a vacuum, and people will sometimes want to engage with you.

Make sure to respond to any interaction you get within reason. This way, you can answer people’s questions and assuage any concerns they may have about picking up life insurance.

Many of these discussions may come from potential leads, so being professional at all times when talking to them is paramount. Not only will the person you message see what you say, but others may too.

Share Social Proof

When leads look at your profile, they will want to see that they can trust you to offer them a high-quality policy that is worth their time. Before they even contact you, they may want to investigate what others have to say. You can make this easy on them by promoting testimonials related to what others have said.

See if you can find screenshots, videos, or quotes from others online that show you provide exemplary services as an insurance broker. You could even “pin” these to the top of your profile, meaning they will be one of the first things people see when they investigate you.

Watch Your Analytics and Respond

Data on your social media experience is often available in many places. The social media platforms themselves, for example, offer you information on your content if you create a business account. Similarly, sites such as SocialBlade offer data without you needing to log in or register, though their analysis is less detailed.

You can use these to discover what types of posts reach the highest relevant audience. Then, over time, you might want to pivot to the approach that gives you the highest rates of long-term lead generation and conversion.

Find More Life Insurance Leads for Agents

As you start to create online content, you will find that life insurance leads for agents become easier to come by. Still, this is a lot of work, and you may not have the bandwidth to start diving into social media at this time.

We can assist you in finding possible opportunities in the life insurance sphere. Our high-quality lead-generation system ensures you can reach out to people and improve your conversion potential at the drop of a hat. So, check out what we offer and sign up to boost your business today.

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