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Could You Land Insurance Business on Snapchat

Could You Land Insurance Business on Snapchat?

Running out of business ideas for acquiring new clients? 

Social media can be used as a tool to present valuable information about different types of insurance products, while also building relationships. Be consistent in your social media presence and stand out from the crowd. Hypercharge your sales by interacting directly with your customer.


Sell To A Larger Audience Online

Different social media profiles and platforms have made it possible to sell to a broader range of customers than ever before.

However, you probably haven’t considered every different social media platform as one that is relevant for your insurance business.

With more people looking to get quotes online and to learn more about their insurance options before they ever talk to an agent, it’s a good idea to make yourself as the first person they want to call when it’s time to purchase an insurance product.

The world today is moving towards digital communication quickly, but the insurance industry tends to lag behind significantly. However, even when a person is interested in starting the conversation about an insurance product online, they still want to buy from a human being that they trust and know.

How To Stand Out In A Busy Marketplace

Furthermore, as an insurance agent, your competitiveness in the market depends on how well you can position yourself and the ways that you can reach out and build a community.

New business and satisfied customers can be tapped in using social media platforms, including Snapchat. Most insurance agents look to Facebook first because it has billions of users. It has a great opportunity to connect you directly with businesses.

Organic reach, however, in 2017 is more difficult than ever. If you’ve ever had success with your Facebook profile or business page as an insurance agent in the past, there is no doubt that you have seen how much this has shrunk in recent years.

Part of the reason for this is that Facebook is trying to encourage people to make use of their paid Facebook ads platform. This means that your organic reach has probably decreased significantly.

The post that you create will not often show up directly in your customer’s feeds because the company is trying to push you towards paid advertisements.

One way to increase your chances of getting in front of your customers is to host a Facebook group wherein you appear live every single week.

Initially, some insurance agents may balk at the idea of putting together a live video and appearing in front of a community, but this is a great way to showcase your expertise and concerns by answering questions and addressing industry news directly.

This is a great way to get in front of your audiences feed too, because Facebook prioritizes live videos beyond any other type of content.

If you are interested in creating videos and are already doing it for Facebook, you might want to consider using Snapchat as well.

Insurance agents who understand how to use Snapchat as a social profile to bring value to prospects and customers will reap the rewards of social media significantly in the next several years.

Snapchat is an instant program that allows you to share videos, messages and pictures to a group of people or individually.

It also tends to have a younger audience, so if you are aiming to tap into the power of younger individuals thinking about purchasing their first home, getting married, and having their first child, Snapchat may be the social media platform of choice for that particular audience.

Wherever you choose to be on social media, it is important to be extremely consistent and to identify where your audience is already spending their time.

This increases your chances of success significantly already. When you appear in front of customers and provide valuable expertise and knowledge about the product and the situations they are facing, that might prompt them to think about purchasing insurance in the first place.

You’ll also get the opportunity to showcase your personality. This gives you an edge over the many insurance agents online, who are relying on static social media profiles that do not engage their audience.

By taking things one step further, you’ll give yourself a much bigger chance that when the person comes around to thinking about using or applying for insurance can bring you a lot more opportunities in the form of prospective clients.

Unique Ideas To Use Snapchat For Insurance Agents

One way that you may consider using Snapchat as an insurance agent is to ask your satisfied customers to provide a brief testimonial for you as well.

Another way to capitalize on the instant power of Snapchat is to showcase before and after pictures. When you are working with a client and see something that can make a big difference for their own life, take a picture and upload this to Snapchat.

This shows you are regularly working with clients and that you also see the value in looking for the client’s individual needs.

Another thing you can do is dedicate one day every single week towards talking about insurance tips.

Insurance agents know the tips and tricks to get as much as possible out of an insurance policy and your followers would certainly benefit from hearing these. Hearing them directly from you makes them feel as though they are getting value out of you and will make you the first place they turn when it’s time to purchase a policy.

They also consider when you share information like this that you are interested in doing what’s right by them.

Getting The Most Out Of Snapchat

Remember that Snapchat goes beyond videos and pictures. It allows you to communicate with other people and in a unique way that stands out from the crowd. Remember that most insurance agents today will communicate over email.

You can differentiate yourself by messaging on Snapchat or hosting an ‘Insurance Tips Tuesday’ that allows people to write in and ask questions that you’ll feature in your video response. Whether it’s Facebook live or Snapchat, differentiating yourself as an insurance agent in the digital world is only becoming increasingly important.

Key Takeaways In This Article

  • Stop avoiding social media and tap into revenue you're simply missing
  • Don't be afraid to be different. Agents aren't using video and imagery to connect with their customers. You should be.
  • Share tips and tricks for insurance with your audience on social media to generate authority and traffic to your website.
  • Ask for testimonials. Most customers are glad to provide one (but you have to ask).
  • Build human connections with your customers.

Over to You

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