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Insurance CRM (LeadStream CRM)

  1. Discover how to streamline your business by reducing overhead, automating tasks and delegating responsibilities in 14 days with less frustration and overwhelm.
  2. Get more time to focus on sales, reduce business costs by 30%, and simplify your operations.
  3. Avoid burnout as an insurance agent or agency by automating 50% of your daily tasks while reducing business costs by 30% in 13 days with less frustration & exhaustion.

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Insurance CRM LeadStream CRM Dashboard

Insurance CRM Benefits

Our Insurance CRM software for managing contacts can help you increase revenue and lower business costs.

LeadStream CRM for life & health insurance agents, agency owners, and insurance brokers allows you to manage customer data through a single platform. 

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  • All In One Sales & Marketing System
  • Capture Leads With Ease
  • Save Time & Organize Your Business
  • Make Marketing 2X More Effective

Fully HIPAA Compliant Insurance CRM

Our Insurance CRM software is HIPAA compliant.

LeadStream CRM encrypts your data so you can keep yours and your clients information safe.

Our best features

The Insurance CRM software also facilitates gathering reviews, payments, feedback, building landing pages, creating funnels, and more. You can cut business costs by 30% in 7 days without frustration!

All In One Insurance Sales & Marketing System

Access all customer interactions and conversation histories from multiple channels in one convenient location. This guarantees that all team members stay up-to-date and ready to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Capture Insurance Leads With Ease

Using this Insurance CRM system (LeadStream CRM), you can create landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, and even an inbound phone system to capture and cultivate your leads, all in one user-friendly platform.

Save Time & Organize Your Business

Enhance your team's productivity with a powerful and up-to-date Insurance CRM that smoothly adjusts to your expanding contacts. This exceptional tool enables you to quickly locate and categorize customers according to vital attributes, and also handle discussions and process payments. It's a great time-saver that simplifies your operations.

Make Your Insurance Marketing 2X More Effective

It's vital to personalize your text marketing by using tags in your Contacts in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Even just tweaking one attribute can significantly increase your customer response rate and income. So, never forget to use this strategy every time you message the right client.

Did you know this about Insurance CRMs & Software?

$1,972 a month

Life and health insurance agents, agency owners, or insurance brokers, spend an average of $1,972/month in total on separate pieces of software to run their business?

13% of Total Revenue

Life and health insurance agents, agency owners, or insurance brokers spend around 13% of their total revenue annually on marketing their business?

As a life and health insurance agent, agency owner, or insurance broker, it's important to find ways to streamline your business and lower costs, but it can be difficult to balance all of the important tasks.

Luckily, our Insurance CRM software can help solve this problem.

With our all-in-one insurance sales and marketing CRM, you can lower your costs and take advantage of our automation feature to streamline your marketing and reduce advertising costs.

Investing in our software (LeadStream CRM) can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

Discover how to streamline your business in 14 days with less frustration and overwhelm.

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