How To Get Prospects Interested in Your Insurance Package

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What if your industry were growing, but you were still struggling?

This is a situation that many insurance agents now face.

The industry has grown so much that insurance carriers now contribute more to the United States GDP than banks. 

Despite this, though, some insurance agents struggle to meet their sales goals from month to month.

Want to get more sales and reach your full potential as an agent?

Keep reading to discover how to get more prospects interested in your insurance package!


Dress for Success

One "rookie mistake" many insurance agents make is focusing more on how the insurance package looks rather than how they look.


Pro Tip: Remember: before you can make insurance sales to customers, you must first sell them on yourself.

In other words, the old saying is true: "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."

If you dress for clients like it's casual Friday at the office, they may think you aren't taking this very seriously.

However, if you dress like a professional, it shows you are committed to your profession.

And this is the first step to getting prospects more interested in the insurance package you have to offer.

The Insurance Package: Emphasize Value Over Price

The most common objection prospective customers make is that they cannot afford insurance.

Because of this, many agents make a big deal out of the cost and emphasize the price to clients.

While you need to bring up the price eventually, you will be far better off by emphasizing the value of insurance rather than its cost.

For example, you can discuss how life insurance can help surviving family members save thousands (the average cost of a funeral is nearly $8,000) in the event of an unexpected death.

This technique increases your insurance sales because customers see how much insurance can help their family save. Once they stop focusing on cost, it's easier to close the sale.

Unlock the Power of Referrals

Are you looking to drive more insurance sales and generally boost your career?

In that case, it's essential to focus on what referrals can do for you.

If you don't rely on referrals, then you may be relying mostly on leads from your insurance company or even on cold calling.

With both of these methods, you need to win over someone who has no real reason to trust you.

With referrals, you get referred to new clients by someone who already knows your mutual acquaintance.

This helps establish trust early on, and trust is necessary for you to make the sale.

Data-Driven Presentations

Another major hurdle to insurance sales is that prospective clients may not know enough about the industry and about their need for insurance.

Because of that, you need to focus on educating customers during your presentations.


Pro Tip: The best presentations combine down-to-earth advice and discussion with relevant statistics about insurance.

This is your chance to educate clients about things like life expectancy, family expenses after the breadwinner dies, and so on.

Make sure you don't overwhelm them with too many statistics.

But by providing relevant data to your customers, you can help them see the need for life insurance.

Ask About Family Members

When it comes to insurance sales, one bit of advice is easier said than done: get them talking.

It's important to find common ground between yourself and the client.

And one of the best ways to do this is to ask about their family members.

Most people love to talk about their spouses, children, and grandchildren.

And by asking casual questions about how everyone is doing, you can disarm clients who think you'll be taking a "hard sell" approach.

Of course, asking about someone's family also gets them thinking about what will happen to their loved ones after they die.

When this happens, it becomes much easier to sell them life insurance.

Listen More Than You Speak

Our next bit of advice follows the last one.

As a general insurance sales rule, you should always listen more than you speak.

When it's clear that you're interested in what a prospective client has to say, they are more likely to trust you.

This is especially true when it's clear that you're not just waiting for your chance to speak.

And the best life insurance packages are the ones customized to someone's exact needs.

The more you let someone talk, the more you can learn about what kind of insurance will benefit them the most.

Focus On Client Pain Points

What should you listen for when your clients are speaking, though?

Above all else, you should focus on the prospective client's pain points.

For example, a customer might tell you about a horrible customer service experience they had with a previous insurance company.

Later, you can emphasize everything you do to provide the kind of customer service that all your clients deserve.

And some clients (such as older clients) may complain about confusing insurance websites and other technological concerns.

This gives you a chance to advertise the personal touch you provide and how no technological barrier will keep customers from contacting you.

Artfully Overcome Objections

If you're reading this, then you're probably getting annoyed by how many customers say "no" to the insurance packages you sell.

Keep in mind, though, one of the best ways to get more sales is to turn a "no" into a "yes."

You can do so by learning how to overcome common objections to buying insurance.

As we said before, the most common objection from prospective clients is that insurance is too expensive.

This gives you a chance to walk them through your most affordable options and how much value you can bring to the table.

And sometimes, the issue is that a customer doesn't think insurance is worth it.

This gives you a chance to describe the peace of mind that a good policy brings and how it's impossible to put a price tag on that peaceful feeling. 

Take Your Insurance Career To the Next Level!

Now you know how to get more prospects interested in your insurance package. But do you know who can help to supercharge your career?

Here at TR King, we specialize in linking top-notch insurance agents with clients hungry for insurance. To see what we can do for you and your career, apply with us today!

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