How Do I Get Started

Can I get a pre-release agreement?

Where do I get contracts/appointments for carriers?

How many leads a week do I need?

How much money should I set aside to get started?

Should I have a business/marketing plan?

Do I need a corporate license?

Once I'm approved what's next?

Can I get a release from your company?

How do I order marketing materials?

What should be my closing ratio?

What are good initial goals to have when starting?

Is selling insurance a good career choice?

Do I need to start a agency business?

What are the RED FLAGS I should be aware of when looking for an upline?

How Do My Commissions Work

What are my commissions?

Can my commission be annualized?

How often are my commissions paid?

What is the difference between advancing and as earned?

Will I get paid directly?

Is it possible to receive my commission via Direct Deposit (EFT)?

How much can I make in the first year?

What are chargebacks in insurance?

What Will I Need

Do I really need a website, CRM, or other software?

Can I sell insurance through my website?

Will I need E&O Coverage?

Do you provide agents with a CRM, website, and other tools?

What insurance carriers do I need?

Should I use Direct Mailers, Telemarketed, Internet, or TV Leads?

What Support Do You Provide

How are you different from other Agencies?

Do you offer new business support?

Do you work with new agents?

Do I need to get forms and applications on the carrier website?

Can I start an insurance agency of my own?

What is a Field Marketing Organization?

Do you offer support to agents who are contracted through you?

Do you have leads or a lead program?

Can I sell insurance over the phone?

Can I recruit other agents into my downline?

Do you provide marketing and funding support for agents?

I've Requested My Contracts, Now What Do I Do

How long does it take to process my contracts?

Should I be keeping a lookout for anything?

I've started getting welcome emails/kits, what should I be doing?

Will I be charged state appointment fees?

What should I be doing while I wait for my appointments?

When should I put in my first lead order?

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