Frequently Asked Questions Agents Have About Joining an FMO/IMO

Below we provide a comprehensive list of questions you should be asking uplines.

How Do I Get Started With Your Company?

What are the RED FLAGS I should be aware of when looking for an upline?

Below is a list of RED FLAGS that every upline should answer YES to:

  1. Can I get a written and signed pre-release agreement?
  2. Do you have an open-release policy?
  3. Will I be paid directly by the insurance carrier?
  4. Will I be vested on the first day?
  5. Will you send me a copy of the commission schedules I will be on for my records?

Of course, TR King Insurance Marketing's answer to all these questions is YES!

How do I get started?

Can I get a pre-release agreement?

Yes, simply request the agreement. You will sign it, then we will sign it and send you a copy.

You should always get a signed pre-release agreement no matter which upline you are signing up with. If you can't get one, it's a RED FLAG.

Where do I start my contracts/appointments for insurance carriers?

After an on-boarding application is complete we will send you a link with instructions on how to get started. All contracting will be done online.

How many leads a week do I need?

The general rule of thumb is to have 15 - 20 leads coming in every week.

How much money should I set aside to get started?

At a bare minimum, have $2,000 set aside for your first marketing effort. The $2,000 marker should be enough to get you going (buying leads, etc.), but, is considered a bit risky.

We highly advise and recommend having $5,400 set aside for the first three months for marketing (buying leads, etc.) until you can get an established revenue stream.

**This does not include having money set aside to pay the bills**.

A formula to calculate what you might need If you aren't going to continue working (either part-time or full-time until you are established) is the following:

[insert your monthly expense] x six months = money needed for living

Should I have a business/marketing plan?

Yes, you should, and we strongly suggest it. How can you measure your success with a plan and goals? You can't.

A business/marketing plan consists of goals, financial planning, activities to achieve, and how you are going to get to your desired result.

Do I need a corporate license?

You do not have to get a corporate license to sell insurance. You only need an individual license. The only time you need a corporate license is if you will be running a business or want monies coming to a business account.

Once I'm approved what's next?

After you have been approved, you will be sent a carrier portfolio that shows all the carriers we suggest in your area, along with commission schedules.

Can I get a release from your company?

Absolutely! As long as you have no current debit balance with the carrier we will release you immediately upon request. We will send a release agreement.

You sign, the new upline signs, send us back a copy. We will sign and send the final copy back to you.

How do I order marketing materials?

Once you have been given a writing number you'll be able to register for the carrier website. On the carrier website you can download/order marketing materials, applications, etc.

What should be my closing ratio?

A safe closing ratio would be 5 sales out of 20 leads.

What are good initial goals to have when starting?

For initial goals when starting out we recommend trying to do 1 sale a day, 5 per week, about 21 per month, and finally 260 per year.

If you achieve these results you will be well on your way to a fulfilling career. Feeling like a challenge!? Everytime you met this goal double it.

Is selling insurance a good career choice?

Yes, but only if you are with us! Haha.

On the independent side of insurance, if you are self-disciplined, structured, and committed to yourself and your clients you will make a comfortable living and feel great about helping others!

Do I need to start a agency business?

Normally you don't, unless you want money to be paid to a corporate first and then paid to you. If this is a route you are looking at we highly advise seeking a tax advisor.

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How Do My Commissions Work With Your Company?

What are my commissions?

We normally start people at street level and deliver the schedules straight to your inbox. With proof of production higher levels are available.

Can my commission be annualized?

Yes, numerous companies allow advancing for agents.

TR King Insurance Marketing reserves the right to give advancing or place you on as earned.

How often are my commissions paid?

Each carrier pays differently, some offer daily pay, weekly, and monthly.

What is the difference between advancing and as earned?

Advancing is when a policy is written and approved. Then you are paid your commission times the number months you're advanced.

For example, if I make $50 on a sale and I'm on 9 months advancing I get $450. However, what that also means is if the policy lapses at month 2, I owe, $350 back.

As earned means each time the client pays the premium you get paid. Meaning in worst case scenario you only owe back your commission on the one payment.

Will I get paid directly?

You will be paid by the carrier, period. We will never ask for you to assign your commissions to us or be an LOA to us (Licensed only Agent). Ever.

Is it possible to receive my commission via Direct Deposit (EFT)?

Yes, during the contracting process you will input this information into your profile so that commissions will be paid directly to your bank account by the carrier.

How much can I make in the first year?

The average agent working 2-3 days in the field, and 2 in the office doing admin work makes $61,284 per year. An active agent can hit over $100,000 per year.

What are chargebacks in insurance?

Chargebacks in the Insurance industry occur when a policy lapses due to insufficient funds and/or death. At which time, you then owe the insurance company any advanced monies.

Chargebacks when not promptly taken care of can cause Vector's, collections, and ultimately the end of your insurance career.

What Software & Tools Will I Need Before I Start?

Do I really need a website, CRM, or other software?

We strongly advise that you do have a website and CRM.

Luckily, you can use our super affordable LeadStream CRM here.

Having a website helps you with credibility and gives you a place to generate leads from your website.

A CRM allows you to not only keep up with your clients but with the right CRM you can do annual reviews, send birthday emails, and open up cross sell opportunities with ease!

Can I sell insurance through my website?

Yes. A website designed and marketed well can become a lead generation machine.

For some products your website will need to meet specific compliance regulations. If you require this simply email our team and we'll forward your website to a compliance department for approval.

Will I need E&O Coverage?

Not all carriers require E&O. We highly recommend it and offer a E&O Program to help offset costs. 

Do you provide agents with a CRM, website, and other tools?

We provide agents the following:

  • Quoting Tools
  • MAPD & PDP Enrollment Tools
  • Drug Savings Program Enrollment Tools

As far as websites go we can give you guidance on what to do and where to go to develop your website.

What insurance carriers do I need?

Which carriers you use will highly depend on your area and product.

After approval of your on-boarding application, we will send you a carrier portfolio for your area.

What kind of leads should I use?

You will be able to pay for access to a lead portal to order leads. We can also advise you based off your marketing budget in your onboarding application.

We typically recommend using multiple channels to generate leads to create enough opportunities for sales.

What Support Does Your Company Provide?

Do you provide marketing and funding support for agents?

We provide marketing funding and support for agents/agencies using our LeadStream Lead Portal system and who write business through our IMO/FMO. Go here to learn more.

We also provide co-op funding for those that have a consistent track record of making sales and are able to project & predict their sales for the upcoming year.

How are you different from other Agencies?

We are significantly different than most agencies we've run into.

We sign pre-release agreements, give immediate releases, send commission schedules to your inbox, and we take our motto seriously "Do the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do".

We are well known for our reputation of Integrity and Support we provide agents. Check out The Insurance Forums and see for yourself!

Do you offer new business support?

Normally, we don't.

However, in the beginning, we will help and teach you how to properly quote and prepare new business.

Do you work with new agents?

We work with new agents that have 2+ years of self-generated sales experience at least.

If you are a brand new agent looking for help, we suggest checking out InsuranceSales101 for training!

However, if you need a lot of face to face or hands on training we are not a good fit for you. Our support is provided online or over the phone.

Do I need to get forms and applications on the carrier website?

Yes, everything you need is there.

We encourage you as a independent insurance agent to familiarize yourself with each carrier's website for up to date information on products you sell.

If you are in position where you can't obtain apps, rates, or other forms. We can assist you.

Can I start an insurance agency of my own?

Yes, we provide you with tools and knowledge to help keep overhead costs low and profitability high!

What is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) or Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO)?

Most carriers will not allow you to contract directly; therefore you will have to partner with an Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) or an Insurance Marketing Organization such as ourselves to get appointed. 

An FMO/IMO has an established relationship with the carrier and provides contracting assistance. Learn how FMOs/IMOs make money here.

Do you offer support to agents who are contracted through you?


We provide tools, discounts, knowledge, advice, training programs, phone, email, and live chat support for our agents.

Check Out Discounts Here: Agent Discounts

Check Out Software & Tools Here: No-Cost Tools and Software

Check Out Training Programs Here: VIP Training Access

Do you have leads or a lead program?

Yes, we have a lead program called LeadStream Lead Portal!

You can learn more about it here.

Can I sell insurance over the phone?

Most carriers will allow you to sell over the phone and have electronic application processes. 

Can I recruit other agents into my downline?

Yes, we provide recruiters with a recruiter link to sign up agents online.

During your first recruitment you will be walked through the process via phone.

We will discuss how to properly onboard agents, provide commissions schedules, and appoint your agents.

Please request an appointment to go through this process.

What Do I Do While I Wait For My Contracts to Process?

How long does it take to process my contracts?

1 - 3 business days in-house to send your contracts to the insurance carriers.

We give the carriers 2 - 3 weeks to process your contracts. We automatically follow up on your contracts if it takes longer than that.

Should I be keeping a lookout for anything?

Most carriers will send you both an email and a welcome kit when you become active.

If you haven't heard anything, don't be afraid to call in.

I've started getting welcome emails/kits, what should I be doing?

Read the client applications, underwriting guides, brochures, outlines of coverage, medication lists (if available), and product information about each carrier.

Our suggestion is as writing numbers/welcome letters and kits come in, log in to the carrier's website and get familiar with it.

Download all guides, brochures, client applications, etc., and read them word for word, cover to cover.

Which FE companies take Direct Express and Credit Cards?

Baltimore - Takes CC but does not take DE
Foresters - ACH only
Gerber - Takes all cards
Great Western - Takes all cards
LBL - ACH only
LifeShield - ACH only
Lumico FE - Takes CC and DE
RNA - ACH only
SBLI - Will take all cards except DE, which is on hold for now
Sons of Norway - ACH only
UHL - ACH only

Will I be charged state appointment fees?


The answer varies from carrier to carrier. Some may charge you upfront, and others may take state appointment fees out of your commission after you write business.

Typically, the ones that charge upfront fees will ask first.

What should I be doing while I wait for my appointments?

Complete training, read sales techniques and books, and financially prepare for your business venture.

Don't just sit and wait for your welcome letters, emails, and kits.

Be proactive by starting any training you've signed up for, completing certifications (if applicable), gain knowledge, and start saving money to put in your first lead order.

When should I put in my first lead order?

When you become active with a few carriers, put in your first order. 

You can put in your first lead order through the LeadStream Lead Portal program. If you haven't already, sign up here.

Lead orders take time to be delivered.

We want to time it so that right as you become active for most of your carriers, you have leads ready to sell insurance.

Your one meeting away from transforming your insurance career.