Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other General Agencies?

We offer high contracts and do not hassle the agents about business through bunches of blast emails or the like. We allow the agent to deal directly with the company if they choose to; most choose to. We also offer a discounted lead source.

Do you offer support to agents contracted through you?

Yes. We primarily offer support to agents who might be struggling in sales or appointments.

Where do I get the contracts?

We’ll email your contracts to you once we’ve talked with you and you’ve decided which companies you’d like to be appointed with.

Can my commission be annualized?

Yes, we offer up to a 9 month advance if needed.

Is it possible to receive my commission via direct deposit?

Of course. All of our agents receive their commissions this way and are paid direct from the insurance companies.

Will I need E&O coverage? If so, where should I get it?

As some companies do require E&O while others don’t, we always suggest you carry it for your own benefit. Foresters offers E&O coverage, but you must be appointed with them. Also, Marsh Consumers is a great place to obtain E&O for those with good credit. You may also want to check with The ILIAA for a discount on E&O.

How often are commissions paid?

Frequency varies by company. Most pay at least weekly. Some pay twice per week or even daily.

How do I order marketing materials?

Once you are appointed you will be able to download most everything from the insurance carriers websites or market/supply department or we will be glad to order them for you.

Am I to get forms and applications online?

Yes. You can download any form that you may need from any of the insurance carrier websites.