How to Find New Annuity Leads: 9 Lead Generation Tips

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When retirement turns from a long-time dream into a hard-earned reality, people need to create long-term plans for their futures.

Since 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, buying annuities is consistently important to a lot of people. If you’re in the business of selling them, you need to find this ever-growing number of individuals.

Without quality annuity leads, you’ll be looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, there are tried-and-true ways that you can find these people by generating new leads regularly. Read on to learn how you can find leads (and lead excited Americans into a blissful retirement.)

1. Undergo Annuity Insurance Training

Annuity insurance training is critical because independent agents need to know the current best business practices. Without real-time information and an understanding of insurance products, it’ll be challenging to get off the ground.

An annuity insurance training program can teach you the basics of how insurance works so you can thrive.

With this foundation, you’ll understand how to present your products to clients buying insurance. You can pitch them better and position yourself as an authority.

This will make people feel confident when they buy insurance from you. You’ll also be more communicative when you have answers to their most pressing questions.

These courses will also let you know how to get licensed as an insurance agent. You’ll be set to sell and won’t need to flounder for information on doing so legally.

You’ll also get insider information on generating new leads in training courses. Reading online articles is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll want to ask experts at TR King about your specific situations to address individual concerns you have, and training courses are a chance to do that.

2. Go to Networking Events

There are tons of local and national networking events in the insurance agency that you can attend. You can find trade shows in your area online or ask about them during your training course. Nationwide events like the IASA Annual Conference are also great networking opportunities.

Networking events are great for lead generation for several reasons, including:

  • Placing you in direct contact with those already looking for annuities
  • Giving you the chance to talk to clients directly so you can build a personal connection
  • Establishing you as a trusted insurance agent for those seeking quality annuities
  • Letting you talk to other independent agents who know the ins and outs of managing themselves in the industry
  • Expanding your referral network

Most networking events also have lectures from those who have been successful in the industry. While there’s no substitute for a professional insurance sales training course, you might get some helpful tips about best practices for insurance sales and marketing.

3. Consider Social Media

Many people consider social media a top method of annuity lead generation.

Most people in North America spend over 2 hours on social media daily. These habits give you a perfect opportunity to generate passive leads from those scrolling their feeds. You’ll have a lot of chances to make multiple impressions and get people interested.

Facebook is one of the best places to get leads because it’s easy to track who clicks on your ads. You can show advertisements to various demographics and see the profile information of those who click. This lets you know who’s engaging with your content the most so you can get quick, scalable, predictable, and fully automated results.

Google Ads will also give you these chances, as will platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

There are, however, problems with these strategies. For one thing, you probably won’t be able to see the exact profiles of people who click.

You’ll need to rely on people following a lead magnet or CTA, and not everyone’s going to do that.

Pro Tip!

Use social media to find information about your target demographics. You can use this when creating content for audiences or trying to sell to pre-existing leads.

But don’t rely on social media to get individual, specific leads. Leverage it in tandem with other, more targeted annuity lead generation strategies.

4. Leverage Multiple Platforms

Every platform has its share of pros and cons.

For example, Facebook’s system is fully automated and low effort. But it doesn’t pay off unless you spend a lot of time coming up with a great Facebook Ads strategy. Plus, while it’s cheaper than other platforms (about $8.44/lead), it requires a large upfront investment.

TikTok makes targeting your audience easier because of its powerful algorithm. It’s easy to find people interested in annuities who have watched videos about it before.

But while leads are predictable, they’re an expensive $15/lead. Producing videos also has a high cost, and it usually doesn’t pay off because TikTok is primarily popular with younger generations.

SEO is also great because you get free, high-quality leads regularly. It’s an evergreen strategy that gives you new annuity leads monthly. Still, while it’s profitable in the long term, there won’t be any results for over 6 months.

These advantages and disadvantages mean that no platform is all-encompassing. You’ll need to use several different platforms to take advantage of all benefits and mitigate risks from the downsides. It’s similar to an investment portfolio – if one platform doesn’t pay off, another will.

5. Use an Online Source to Buy Leads

You can also purchase leads online. Professionals will scour the web to find those looking for annuities right now. They’ll send you the contact information of pre-vetted, interested retirees that you can reach out to and pitch your insurance products.

Buying leads online with Leadstream is the #1 way to find qualified annuity leads. They’re already pre-filtered for TCPA compliance as well as product fit. We make sure that each lead meets the criteria for your pre-determined campaign details so that you get in touch with the most important members of your target market.

Fraud and duplicate detection is also made easy when you buy annuity leads from a reputable source. You won’t need to worry about invalid phone numbers or wasting money on fake AI fraud.

Other awesome features include:

  • Pre-collected permission to contact (so leads are excited to hear from you)
  • Built-in call recording and storage for quality assurance
  • A portal where you can manage leads
  • The ability to manage your availability for maximum independence and self-reliance
  • A daily lead flow that gives you the perfect number of leads daily (5-100) based on your pre-set availability
  • Easy-to-access leads delivered straight to your portal
  • Text message alerts to your phone when you get new leads
  • Personalized campaign controls so you can manage yourself

You’ll also have full control over whether you want real-time leads, aged leads, or transfer leads. This will let you operate under a budget while still getting the annuity leads of the highest possible quality.

6. Go Local

Our system also lets you control where your leads are located. You’ll be able to enter a radius around a specific state or city. There are options to select multiple service areas.

You can also choose the zip codes you want to get leads in. This will let you select locations near you that have a high number of people in your target demographic. You also can exclude certain zip codes that you don’t want to target even if they’re inside your larger radius.

Additionally, you can:

  • Create a Google Business Profile
  • Optimize your website with local keywords (that include your state or city name)
  • Create content with local themes
  • Partner with nearby businesses with similar target audiences (financial advisors, community banks, etc.)

Pro Tip!

Keep your service area limited, but not too limited. You want to interact primarily with people you can meet in person because this gives you the chance to build trust and loyalty.

However, launching campaigns in multiple counties or states can expand your reach. It’s a great way to make more sales and get your name out into the world. This is especially important if you’re an independent agent looking to establish yourself as an industry leader in the future.

7. Automate and Scale Leads

Constantly scouring the web for leads manually can take hours every day. This isn’t sustainable for insurance agents who manage their own time independently. It’s downright impossible if you’re working alone or with a small team.

Luckily, AI is growing in popularity. Machine learning ensures that it learns who’s most interested in annuities so that you can get quality leads generated automatically. When you work with a quality lead purchasing company, you’ll get all the AI tools needed to succeed.

You’ll have the chance to automate your business within just one month. This lets you make 2-3 times more sales than you currently do so that you can double or triple revenue.

This also will save you the strife of dealing directly with lead vendors regularly.

Lead automation also makes your business more scalable. You can choose exactly how many leads you want delivered to you each day. We’ll send as few as 5 leads when you don’t have a lot of time and up to 100 when you do.

This lets you grow at your own pace.

8. Get Guidance Whenever Necessary

It’s important to get regular guidance so you know what to expect when buying leads. Experts can:

  • Recommend solutions that fit your needs
  • Help you scale with AI solutions
  • Explain how to leverage your TR King dashboard to your advantage
  • Troubleshoot any issues you encounter with your dashboard
  • Inform you about current lead generation best practices for insurance agents
  • Talk about core demographics that are currently looking for annuity
  • Keep you updated on changes to the lead generation process
  • Give you tools to follow up with leads and nurture them until conversions happen

Plus, accessible experts mean that you can always turn to a professional for guidance. This means that any questions that pop into your head will have easy-to-access answers. Unlike a Google search, you’ll also have the chance to converse with a real person who will elaborate on anything you don’t understand.

Pro Tip!

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask questions about your leads. If you’re not sure about a lead or a change to the lead generation process, it’s best to clear things up quickly. This won’t just reduce your stress – it will also keep you informed so that you can sell more annuities.

9. Follow Up and Nurture Annuity Leads

Following up with leads is just as important as finding them. Remember that buying leads is just the first step toward getting people to buy your annuity packages. Following up takes them through the rest of the marketing funnel.


  • Establish a point of contact for easier future communication
  • Gauge a lead’s interest
  • Figure out which demographics are most interested in annuity (so that you can buy annuity leads in the future in a more informed way)
  • Connect people to the packages that they specifically need
  • Show that you care (which helps potential clients trust you)
  • Ensure that people remember you
  • Establish brand loyalty

Our tools leverage AI to create an automated lead follow-up system. This comes with our Leadstream package, so you won’t need to put any extra money down to access this important feature.

After a lead makes it through our filtering and qualification systems, you can buy that lead. The second you do, we’ll automatically send them a text and an email with your name and basic information. They’ll know that you’re about to get in touch.

This is important because they may have forgotten that they gave us their name and contact info. They’ll get a reminder that they’re looking for annuity services (and that they’re going to find them soon). This increases your sales potential since leads will be on the lookout for your call or email.

Buy Annuity Leads From TR King

Now that you know how to get qualified annuity leads, it’s time to start contacting the clients who matter. TR King has been giving top-notch leads to insurance agents since 2007, so you know you’re in good hands.

One-on-one support for business growth is our priority, and we scour multiple sources to find annuity leads that pay off for entrepreneurial agents.

We’re excited to keep you independent and help you make money quickly, so browse and buy leads today to get started.

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