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Why You Should Like Campion Life

 Companion Life Insurance Company has been in business for 40 years while spending 16 consecutive years with A. M. Best A+ Superior Ratings that's 1/3 of their business life cycle! 


Companion Life Medicare Supplement Highlights

Nationwide Portfolio

Companion Life specializes in offering employee benefits in addition to medicare supplements in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Policyholders Come First

Companion Life is dedicated to provide well-managed customer driven organization and all decisions made are in the best interest of the policyholders. 

Why Sell Companion Medicare Supplement Policies?

Companion Life Insurance Company provides a Household Discount for most states. The discount is available to individuals who have lived at the place of residence for at least one year with an adult that is 50 or older. Another way is if you live with a legal spouse including recognized civil union and/or domestic partners you are eligible. 


Thoughts Agents Wonder About Medicare Supplements


Can I cross sell Medicare Supplements with different Products?

Yes, you can! In Fact, you can open the door to a business with employee benefits for their staff. Then when the time comes as those employees retire you get another customer base to solicit and upsell. Companion Life helps with this because they have products to sell in a group situation. 


Can I make a stable income selling Medicare Supplements?

Yes, you can work up to a sizeable monthly income because commissions are paid on a recurring basis allowing you to grow your income overtime. As long as you continue to maintain a healthy customer relationship by reaching out to your clients with updates, reviews, and rate changes.

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Our 100% Release Guarantee 

You are fully protected by our 100% Release Guarantee. If you aren't happy with our service or a particular carrier and you have no debit balance, we will release you from your contract upon request. 

Our Motto is "Do The Right Thing Simply Because It's The Right Thing To Do"

    Matthew King                          Todd R. King

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