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Why You Should Want Combined

Combined was founded by W. Clement Stone (an insurance legend for those that don't know) in 1922. They are rated (A) with A. M. Best with some the highest street level commissions in the insurance industry giving you the opportunity to build a stable income faster.


Combined Medicare Supplement Highlights

Global Market Products

Combined offers products in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. They have over 3 million Medicare Supplement policies in force with 1 million paid out in claims daily so you can trust that will be there for your client.

Customer Centric Values

Combined Insurance Company focuses on their customer's needs first and foremost. They reward positive performance and hire talent that aims to make a difference.

Why Sell Combined Medicare Supplement Products?

Did we say they have the HIGHEST street level commissions in the industry? It's because they do. They also have state of the art internet based tools and e-application processes to help boost your sales from anywhere.


Concerns Agents Express About Medicare Supplements


Can I cross sell Medicare Supplements with Other Products?

A good insurance agent should be on a fact-finding mission. By doing so, you may find that several solutions (products) meet your client's needs. Opening cross-selling opportunities and solidifying yourself as THEIR AGENT rather than an agent.


‚ÄčHow long until I can see a return of investment selling Medicare Supplements?

Assume you sell 2-3 policies with 9-month advances and spend about $400-450 for leads per week. Your return on investment would start after month 9 and continue to grow at a steady pace and set yourself up for a secure income in only 18 short months.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Release Guarantee. If you aren't happy with our service or a particular carrier and you have no debit balance, we will release you from your contract upon request. We will even sign a pre-release agreement before you sign up. Just request it.

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