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Why You Should Care About Cigna

 Cigna has an impressive insurance record dating back to 1792, that's over 200 years ago! They are rated (A) with A. M. Best and offer competitive premium rates so you can win more sales with thorough solutions for your client.


Cigna Medicare Supplement Highlights

Nationwide Portfolio

Cigna is affiliated with American Retirement Life Insurance Company, Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, and Loyal American Life Insurance Company. Plans F, G, and N are strong in some states for Medicare Supplement products.

Dedication to Making A Difference

Cigna is committed to taking positive actions to achieve improvements in health,  well-being and sense of security for our clients.

Why Sell Cigna Medicare Supplement Policies?

Cigna is a worldwide provider with over 70 million clients and has established unparalleled brand recognition among seniors. You are able to offer clients the silver & fit program along with discounts for vision, hearing, health and wellness, and fitness club discounts. Additionally, your clients are given a electronic claims filing process through decreasing wait time to receive benefits.

For you, the agent, a paperless application processes requiring no wet signatures creates a pipeline of fast approvals and regular deposits into your bank account! With two apps in the home qualify for a 7% Discount. Turn your declines into approvals with Cigna's Substandard tiers. They will accept clients with conditions that other carriers won't for a rate adjustment on the premium. 


Concerns Agents Express About Medicare Supplements


Can I sell Medicare Supplements over the phone?

Cigna makes this extremely easy for agents to sell without being face to face with the customer by providing you essential tools for quoting and applications as most Medicare supplement companies do.


Is it hard for customers to qualify for Medicare Supplements?

Overall if your client is reasonably healthy or qualifies for their Open Enrollment Period and have Part A and B they can get a Medicare Supplement. Cigna makes this even easier by providing substandard tiers for their applicants moving the customer from declined to approved as long as they agree to the rate adjustment.

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Our 100% Release Guarantee To You

You are fully protected by our 100% Release Guarantee. If you aren't happy with our service or a particular carrier and you have no debit balance, we will release you from your contract upon request. We will even sign a pre-release agreement before you sign up. Just request it.

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