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Single People Need Life Insurance Too, Life Insurance Agent Tips for Initiating the Conversation with a Single Client

Life Insurance Agent Tips for Initiating the Conversation with a Single Client

There is a misconception among unmarried individuals that without any dependents, it’s okay to put life insurance in the back burner.

In the absence of family members who may be significantly impacted by their sudden loss, single individuals may feel that there’s no need to engage in advanced financial or estate planning to mitigate the risks. Some people, on the other hand, refuse to think of what life insurance is protecting them from: illness, fire, liability, and even death.

As an insurance agent, you know that regardless of your client’s demographic, life insurance can mitigate the damage they’ll experience in the occurrence of such events. The problem is, even if you have a no-fail approach that works for couples and clients with families, dealing with unmarried clients is a unique challenge altogether.
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Benefiting from Living Benefits from Life Insurance During Life

Life Insurance Living Benefits Can Be Used While Alive (What You Need To Know)

Life insurance is straightforward: purchase a policy and regularly pay the premium to keep it active. Upon the policyholder’s death, their beneficiaries receive the full amount of their “death benefits.”

Despite being one of the pillars of personal finance, not everyone is convinced that they need life insurance. As an insurance agent, you might’ve encountered a customer or two with the same beliefs.

Agents are no strangers to people who are wary of life insurance because they think it’s too complex or time-consuming. There are also clients who are uncomfortable with discussing the topic of their demise. Some people don’t consider life insurance as an asset and just see it as a monthly bill they have to pay but will never personally benefit from.

On the contrary, life insurance is more than just a death benefit, which is what you want potential and current clients to understand. They need to know about the living benefits so they’ll recognize their need for life insurance.

By educating them on their insurance policy’s living benefits, as well as other available options, you’ll help them see the bigger picture of how they can benefit from it while they’re still alive.

Here are some of the topics you need to discuss.

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Close the Sale As A Final Expense Insurance Agent

Close The Sale As A Final Expense Insurance Agent

You'll want to know what separates the top producers of final expense life insurance from the rest of the agents in the field. Or you may have been in the process of mastering your own techniques to get to the top. There are several tips that you should consider as you move through the final expense marketplace to give a good deal to your client and to increase your chances of closing the sale

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How to Success with Follow Up Calls for Life Insurance

How to Succeed with Follow-Up Calls for Life Insurance

Setting follow-up calls is absolutely crucial to your business but often feels like a hurdle without a strategy behind it. Learn how to tackle the call or objection and clamp down the next appointment.

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What Final Expense Insurance Agents Should Know About How Consumers Purchase Final Expense Life Insurance

What Final Expense Insurance Agents Should Know About How Consumers Purchase Life Insurance

A recent study called the Insurance Barometer explored the various reasons why people do not follow through with purchasing life insurance. Given that final expense insurance is one of the most popular ways for people to cover their funeral and burial costs, it is important for insurance agents to realize how they can market to Final Expense and Life Insurance customers more effectively.

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