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What You Should Know About How Consumers Purchase Insurance Today

What Agents Should Know About Client’s Approach To Purchasing Insurance

From retail to real estate, technology makes a diverse range of industries more accessible to consumers. Artificial intelligence is even expected to boost retail profitability by up to 60 percent. So, why should health insurance be any different? More consumers are searching online for​​​​​ your insurance products every year, so what’s stopping you from going digital?

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How to Obtain, Qualify, and Contact Insurance Leads Effectively

How to Obtain, Qualify, and Contact Insurance Leads Effectively

One of the most challenging things for an insurance agent is finding leads. Even if you know life insurance or any other insurance product inside out, you won’t survive without prospects.

On top of searching for leads, you need to make sure these leads are qualified. It can be difficult, as thousands of agents compete for the attention of a few qualified leads. Getting to these leads before your competitors do is crucial to having a long-term and lucrative career as an insurance agent.

If you're looking to close as many sales as you can, your first few steps should be to look for leads, determine if they qualify as a prospect, and reach out to them properly.
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Is It Time To Move From Being A Captive Insurance Agent to An Independent Insurance Agent?

The True Cost of Being A Captive Insurance Agent

In the world of insurance professionals, you can be either a captive agent or an independent agent. Captive agents do not own their book of business, while independent agents own their book of business. It is time to increase your income and return on investment.

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