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Challenges Facing Insurance Agents and Insurers

Challenges Facing Insurance Agents and Insurers

Being in the insurance industry is an exciting opportunity to serve numerous different clients, but as the industry has evolved so too have the challenges that insurance agents are facing. It’s important to be aware of these obstacles so that you can approach them with an open mind and develop a comprehensive strategy for addressing them.

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Everything You Need to Know to Build – And Grow – An Independent Insurance Agency

Everything You Need to Know to Build – And Grow – An Independent Insurance Agency

Building an independent insurance agency can be a rewarding venture, but like all endeavors, it comes with certain challenges that can overwhelm anyone that’s starting from the ground up. You might have many questions regarding which licenses are necessary, where to open your office, and how to find and contract with insurance carriers to represent.

The good news is that help is available – and, once your agency is up and running, even though with some hitches along the way, you will also have the opportunity to pursue a long list of rewards, such as the ability to control your business, a nice return on owner’s equity, and being able to open up your product offerings to a wide range of options – which in turn, will place you in a better position to help your clients.
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I Just Got Licensed - How Do I Know Whether I Should Sell Medicare Supplements or Final Expense

Should I Sell Medicare Supplements or Final Expense If I Just Got Licensed?

You've finally gotten your insurance license. You're ready to get out there. But have you already thought about what, exactly, you will sell? There are a lot of products you can offer, but it pays to focus on one first. Insurance plans targeted to the senior market, for instance, are hot business right now. So, selling Medicare Supplement insurance plans or final expense policies can get your career off to a great start.

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Insurance Commission Advanced Versus As Earned

As Earned or Advancing Insurance Commissions (Which One Is Best)

The prospect of starting in the insurance industry is exciting as it is promising. And if you are going into the field of insurance from an hourly or salaried profession, it’s likely that you’ve spent considerable time wondering about how agents generate income.

Insurance agents do get paid. But an agent’s “salary” isn’t really salary per se. In the insurance business, your “salary” comes in the form of commissions.

Your commissions may vary depending on a lot of factors, but primarily on whether you are a captive or an independent agent. Regardless of the type of agent that you are, it’s important to decide on whether you should take advanced or earned commissions at the start of your insurance career.

In this article, TR King Insurance Marketing, a trusted FMO for Medicare supplement insurance, life insurance, and other types of insurance products, will help you learn more about commissions. We will also weigh the pros and cons associated with advanced and earned commissions, to help you go for the commission type that will help you achieve financial stability in this field.
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Which Carriers Require Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O Insurance)

Which Carriers Require Errors and Omissions Insurance

Taking a break from the 20-year-old reports in front of him, former homicide detective Louis Scarcella looks outs from the witness box in a Brooklyn courtroom. A row of indignant men wearing hats with the words “Wrongfully Convicted” printed on them look back at him. These men, who are now exonerated, are the same ones he helped arrest and imprison decades ago for crimes they did not commit. As it were, the men were framed.

As Mr. Scarcella testifies at the wrongful conviction hearing, one of the victims of the failure of justice, Derrick Hamilton, can’t help but voice his sentiments. It really bothers him, Mr. Hamilton says, that Scarcella hasn’t been arrested, while he and many other wrongfully convicted men are forever labeled as criminals.

Situations like this and other forms of professional liabilities are not limited to the forensic industry, though.

No matter what business you put up or what industry you specialize in, there will always be risks that stand in the way of your path to success. These risks include honest mistakes that can damage your reputation or ruin your livelihood. But such risks also include accusations of making an error and compromising your clients.

Despite the potential negative feedback and other fallout, though, you still need to take risks for your business to stabilize and flourish.  Protect the business from negative outcomes and costly legal action through errors and omissions insurance (E&O), otherwise known as professional liability insurance.
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