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Double Your Revenue In 90 Days With Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

Health Insurance Leads Ready to Purchase

When you trust in Health Insurance (ACA) leads from LeadStream Lead Portal, you will gain access to carefully targeted leads by our team of lead generation experts.

  • You will be provided first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, email, validated phone number, and date of birth.
  • 100% TCPA & CMS compliant with permission to contact.
  • Built-in call recording and storage through the LeadStream Lead Portal, letting you worry less and sell more.
  • Leads are filtered 5x with AI filtering for fraud, screened for product fit, proof of form fill, validated phone number, and TCPA compliance.

Affordable Health Insurance Leads

You will spend less time dialing out to potential clients and more time making sales. 

If you are ready to double your revenue and stop dealing with lead vendors, get your leads here today.

  • The turnaround time is daily and ongoing keeping your sales pipeline full.
  • Radius (zip/city) or statewide targeting available.* Targeting availability depends on campaign and product type.
  • Lead generation & call campaigns can be paused and resumed at the click of a button. You control your lead flow.
  • Leads are exclusive to you for 21 days.


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Who is it for?

Looking to buy Health Insurance leads and double your revenue?

Or are you just tired for your current Health Insurance leads source?

  • Health Insurance agents
  • Health Insurance agencies
  • Insurance agents looking to increase the Health products in a home
  • Insurance agents that want to streamline the Health Insurance lead generation & sales process

Service You'll Love 

Why choose us

We're a team of trained lead generation experts providing quality Health Insurance leads ready to be in touch with a Health Insurance agent and are interested in hearing from you.

Quality Health Insurance Leads

We provide you with quality Health Insurance leads that are 100% guaranteed by our company policies and standards.

Fast Turnaround Times

The turnaround time for Health Insurance leads is daily and ongoing to keep your revenue soaring.

Secure Delivery & Compliant Health Insurance Leads

The security & compliance of your leads is our top priority. Your leads are loaded into a secure Lead Portal that you can access and work. Our leads also come with proof & permission to contact.

Affordable & Genuine Health Insurance Leads

We are committed to offering insurance agents with quality, reasonably priced Health Insurance leads, and fair replacement policies. We care about your success & look forward to bolstering your revenue.

Double YOUR Health Insurance Sales in 90 days.

Explore our LeadStream Lead Portal system.

Available Health Insurance Lead Options

Check out the different types of Health Insurance leads that you can acquire for your sales pipeline.

Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads (ACA)

A call generation campaign designed to generate Health Insurance (ACA) leads for you, qualify prospects, and transfer the call to you to close.

Real-time Health Insurance Leads (ACA Leads)

A lead generation campaign developed to generate data ACA leads for you delivered via email, text, & uploaded to the Lead Portal

Inbound Health Insurance Leads (ACA)

A lead generation campaign designed for insurance agents that want to receive phone calls right away from the customer right at the time of need for inbound health insurance leads (ACA).

Aged Health Insurance Leads (ACA)

An aged lead marketplace for agents looking to save money on health leads (ACA leads) or market on a shoestring budget for health insurance sales (ACA sales). Save time and money!

In 90 days, DOUBLE your Health Insurance Sales!