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Bringing affordable insurance leads to independent insurance agents and agencies nationwide for Medicare, Final Expense, and ACA.

Get Affordable Quality Insurance Leads For Your Business

We specialize in finding the highest quality leads for your agency at the best prices.

Your leads will be uploaded into our Lead Portal called Leadstream Lead Portal, emailed, and text messaged to you with all the useful information we gather for you to SAVE you time.

Our insurance lead generation system enables YOUR agency to boost sales and revenue by 2 - 3x, and scale your pipeline.

Here is what is provided:

  • You will be provided first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, email, validated phone number, and date of birth.
  • Exclusive to you for 21 days.
  • Radius (Zip/City) or Statewide Targeting Available.
  • Built-in call recording and storage through the LeadStream Lead Portal enabling you to focus on selling.
  • The turnaround time is daily and ongoing.
  • 100% TCPA & CMS Compliant with permission to contact.
  • 5x lead filter with AI filtering for fraud, screened for product fit, and proof of form fill, validated phone number, and TCPA compliance.
  • Lead generation campaigns can be set to a specific set number of leads a day, paused, and resumes at the click of a button.
LeadStream Lead Portal + Quoting

Scale & automate your insurance business in as little as 30 days, you’ll 2-3x your sales and revenue without the aggravation of dealing with lead vendors and lead generation.

Medicare Insurance Leads

2 - 3x your Medicare insurance agency's revenue & flood your sales pipeline with 100s of exclusive Medicare leads without frustration of dealing with multiple publishers.

Final Expense Insurance Leads

2 - 3x Your Final Expense insurance agency's revenue & fill your sales with 100s of exclusive high-quality final expense leads.

ACA / Health Insurance Leads

Scale your ACA / Health insurance agency's revenue & flood your sales pipeline with 100s of exclusive ACA / Health Insurance leads.

You are fully protected by our Strict standards for quality!

We are committed to providing your insurance agency with the highest quality affordable for Medicare, Final Expense, and ACA leads available.

Our thorough lead generation process ensures we only provide high-converting leads with the greatest intent of purchasing to save time and make closing sales more efficient.

Our Lead portal will boost sales by bringing high efficiency to your business for tracking sales, commissions, and leads.

Every lead we provide you with is 100% guaranteed by our company policies and standards so you get quality & affordable leads every time. All lead sources are reviewed for full TCPA and CMS-compliance.

LeadStream lead program

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