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Free Medicare Quoting Tool For Your Insurance Business

By Matthew King

Written On August 23, 2019

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If you're still running your business using file cabinets, a Rolodex, business cards or jotted posted notes; or even just a generic CRM then we've got a solution for you. Increase your insurance business with FREE tools from us.


Agent Xcelerator Program (Last Feature Update August 2019)

Insurance Agent Xcelerator Program with TR King Insurance Marketing

Whether you've just started your insurance career or you're a seasoned veteran there are essential tools and software to kickstart your insurance business to take it to the next level. 

This Tool Is Available On Desktop and Mobile!

However, we all know that frustration when every new tool or "thing" that I have to use to increase my business costs $35/month there, $50 here, and before you know it; you're eating away your profit margins for your business before you even got started.

We get it. Some expenses just aren't worth it YET and the value isn't clear about how exactly this "tool/software" can help you increase your business. That's why the Agent Xcelerator Program exists because we offer you no cost tools to effectively run your business.

New Feature (August 2019 Update): YourMedicare Enrollment Center, Online Agent Store, AHIP Certification Discount, and Medicare Agent Training For Free

We've got an exciting update for August 2019! We'll break down each topic below and give details.

The following tools have been added to the Agent Xcelerator Program:

YourMedicare Enrollment Center.

The MAPD and PDP Online Enrollment Tool Upgrade is the most comprehensive tool that's been added inside of the Agent Xcelerator Program. It's free to call agents that are contracted with Medicare Advantage carriers and provides the following:

  • Quoting for MAPDs and PDP plans.
  • Easy Comparisons For Your Clients.
  • Online Enrollment and Signature Capture.
  • Personalized URL (PURL) to send Clients to self-enroll.

Learn more about it on this blog article.

Online Agent Store.

Inside of the Agent Xcelerator CRM, you can access on demand client facing materials. The following are some of the items you can get at discounted or Free prices:

  • Carrier Branded: Pens, Totes, Water Bottles, and More.
  • Carrier Branded: Table Covers, Foldable Wagons, Umbrellas, and Tent Kits.
  • Customer Materials: Monthly Newsletters, Business Cards, Custom Direct Mail and Marketing Pieces.

$50 AHIP Discount and FREE Medicare Agent Training.

The Agent Xcelerator Program now includes $50 AHIP discount for contracted agents. In addition to that, initial Medicare Training can be accessed right in the CRM as well. The program is backed by MedicareRights.org, one of the largest non-profits advocacy groups, providing agents with $250 of training value. 

New Feature (June 2019 Update): Carrier Apps, Resource Links, Link to Agent Portals

New Feature Carrier Applications and Resources Agent Xelerator

The new update to provide resources you need, you can now do the following:

  • 1
    Download PDF Applications On The Go - You can now download a carrier's PDF application if you need it for select carriers.
  • 2
    Carrier Resources and Agent Portal Login - You can now easily get to the agent portal to start the E-application process or download any resources you might need from the carrier.
  • 3
    Need Help - You have easy access to a quick demo video to show you how to run quotes, compare and more. In addition to that, a easy resource to FAQs and the Manual incase you need it.
  • 4
    Access Plan Details With Ease - You can now quickly click on plan details to get a more detailed view of what plans pay, your client pays and more.

Managing Your Prospective Clients and Activities

Free Insurance CRM with TR King Insurance Marketing

As an independent agent it's important to develop a structure to your day. At a "regular job" someone normally oversees your task for the day and makes you responsible for them. Now, that's YOU. You're the boss and the "employee". The boss in you needs a way to manage, hold responsible, make accountable, establish workflows, and develop procedures for how you handle business. 

The employee in you needs a series of activities throughout the day to accomplish to move your business forward. A CRM, set up and maintained properly, can make it easy to both visualize your day and hold yourself accountable

Here are a few examples of what you can do to structure your day and sell more. There are many other ways to use a CRM aside from the below, don't be afraid to explore it! (Make sure to create your tasks and set your due dates):

  • 1
    Schedule Calls and Meetings. Don't leave your clients or yourself hanging out to dry, setting up appointments by meetings or phone makes a seamless sales process for your client. It's much easier to LEAD your client through your sales process with scheduled appointments. These appointments will show up at a glance in your upcoming activities dashboard.
  • 2
    Track Your Lead Sources and Wins. Know where your business is coming from and where to spend precious marketing dollars. It's important to know if you make more sales by direct mail, telemarketing, social media or any other way you attain leads.
  • 3
    Follow Each Stage In The Sales Process and Visual Funnel. See the image above with the Blue, Orange, and Green funnel. In simple terms this is a sales funnel representing each stage that your client is in. The visual funnel will make it easy to spot if prospective clients are moving through in a timely manner while also measuring when potential clients drop out of the process.
  • 4
    Keep Up With Daily Tasks and Activities. In the beginning of your career you'll have a few clients and most likely remember all the small things about them. However, as your business grows this becomes impossible to keep up. A CRM never forgets (unless you don't add a task or make a note, of course). If you develop a habit of making tasks and activities it will help you stay on the top of your client's mind. A good example is to check in with your clients by doing yearly policy reviews, letting your client know you care and seeing if they are still happy with their policy.


Pro Tip: A CRM is only as good as the information you put into it. Develop a strong habit of putting small tidbits about your clients to help solidify your bond (dog's name, hobbies, their interests). 

Book of Business At A Glance

Tracking Your Insurance Book Of Business Free Tools with TR King Insurance Marketing

While gaining new prospects is definitely a pipeline that needs to stay warm, servicing your current book of business is extremely important too.

Policy management enables you to know which products you sell the most and which current clients closely relate to new prospects or can provide referrals for similar target markets. In your CRM you can break down your book of business by carrier, effective dates, and status to view your written policies in groupings.


Pro Tip: Gaining oversight of your book of business comes with many perks like asking for referrals after your customers have a long history of satisfaction with you.

Tracking Commissions With Ease (A Few Select Carriers At This Time)

Tracking Insurance Commissions Using Free Tools with TR King Insurance Marketing

Along with keeping a close eye on a growing book of business, tracking commissions in your new CRM will give you peace of mind that you are being paid the correct amounts and on time. But why does the data matter? 

Again, knowing your revenue streams helps build a better and more stable business. Having commission data at your fingertips makes it easier to plan financial marketing strategies. For example, if you sell multiple policies you'll be able to see which ones you sell the most and the profitability of each to expand your company.

Knowing your production in moments helps position yourself and your company for the highest commissions available to you. 


Pro Tip: Missing commissions could hurt your business revenue, lead flow, and ultimately your career. Keep an eye on payments from the insurance carrier.

Quoting Tools For You and Your Insurance Agency (New Video Below)

If you don't feel like reading, you can watch this comprehensive video on all the benefits that come with Agent Xcelerator, and the new updates for 2019.

Increase your selling effectiveness with quoting tools right in your CRM. Unlike standalone quoting systems you can simultaneously access your prospects, create activities and tasks, while running quotes. 

Use the market edge tool to see what other agents quote in across the United States. Look at real-time quote information, population info (Over 65 and turning 65), and enrollment counts for Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage. Use data to help decide marketing efforts.

New Feature (June 2019 Update): Sorting by Underwriting Conditions

Sort by Insurance Underwriting Conditions

Find the best policy for your client quickly by enabling health conditions. The quoting tools automatically sort the policies that accept these conditions (some may have requirements to meet, such as in the past two years).

New Feature (June 2019 Update): Analyze Carrier Marketing Stats

Analyze Carrier Marketing Analytics and Stats

Do you want to know how many people enroll with carriers in your area? How much premium the insurance carrier does? What about how much of the market space they control?

Using Marketing Analytics, you can easily see if a carrier is "popular" in the area you are quoting in. This can help you decide which carriers to lead with if they have more recognition in the area.

Free Final Expense Quoting Tool 

Free Final Expense Quoting Tool with TR King Insurance Marketing

Know if your carrier is at the top and easily compare the premium rates of the Nations top Final Expense Companies against others with a few clicks. Final Expense is priced relatively level across the United States, however, some insurance companies perform better in certain areas.

Get instant access to this knowledge with a FREE Final Expense Quoting Tool.

Free Medicare Supplement Quoting Tool

Free Medicare Supplement Quoting Tool with TR King Insurance Marketing

Medicare Supplements rates vary from county to county and zip code to zip code. It is essential that you know which carrier is positioned well for pricing for your customer. All plans are standardized meaning the biggest difference between them is the price.

With a Free Medicare Supplement Quoting Tool, you no longer need to worry about struggling to find your client the best options because they are displayed right there! 

New Feature (June 2019 Update): Plan G Savings Calculator

Plan G Savings Calculator

We've all been there, jotting on a notepad, math and savings you can get for a married couple or even a single individual by switching their Plan F to a Plan G. Instead of doing that and taking up 20 minutes of your time. 

Simply plug in the information, then click submit and boom. You're savings in a nice easy to read format (see below).

Plan G Savings Amount Calculator


Pro Tip: Look for cross-sell opportunities by quickly quoting other products or getting the client more coverage for the same amount of money. This works really well if you've saved them money on Medicare Supplements; you could try cross-selling a Final Expense policy!

New Feature (July 2019 Update): Advanced Underwriting and Medication Quoting for Medicare Supplements

For this feature, we're super excited because now you can quickly plug-in health conditions and medications to bring the best quotes up for your Medicare Supplement clients. It's really simple. 

All you have to do is the following:

  • 1
    Click on Medicare Supplements.
  • 2
    Put in Your Client's Zip Code.
  • 3
    Click "Show Advanced" on the bottom right.
  • 4
    Input Your Client's Health conditions and/or Medications.
  • 5
    Fill In The Rest of Their Information above, then click "Get Quote".

After that, you're done! See the images below for reference.

Advanced Underwriting and Medication Quoting for Medicare Supplements
Advanced Underwriting and Medication Quoting for Medicare Supplements 2

Free Medicare Advantage and PDP Quoting Tool

Free Medicare Advantage Quoting Tool with TR King Insurance Marketing

Plans for Medicare Advantage vary in many different aspects. Compare star ratings, plan types, out of pocket maxes and drug coverage to advise your clients in an instant.

Help your client remain educated about the available options in their area with a FREE Medicare Advantage Quoting Tool.


Pro Tip: It's common to sell a Hospital Indemnity Plan alongside a MAPD plan, look for this cross-sell as well!

New Feature (June 2019 Update): Free Hospital Indemnity Quoting Tool

Hospital Indemnity Quoting Tool and Compare

Easily run and compare Hospital Indemnity quotes. You can easily show a client the benefit amounts and days of coverage. Along with AM Best ratings to help provide assurance the client will be taken care of. 

Help your client remain educated about the available options in their area with a FREE Hospital Indemnity Quoting Tool.

New Feature (June 2019 Update): Free Dental Quoting Tool

Free Dental Quoting Tool

Dental plans have a lot that varies between them, the max benefit amount, when coverages kick in, deductibles, waiting periods, and networks. Make choosing a dental plan for your client easy by running quick quotes for them to use. 

Over to You

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on:

  1. Do you currently use a CRM, if not, why?
  2. Do you have any questions about using these tools?
  3. What is the Quoting tool you use the most?
  4. What are some activities and tasks you use to streamline your workflow?

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below. We will carefully read each one of them. Happy Selling!

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