What You Should Know About How Consumers Purchase Insurance Today

By Laura Pennington  /  September 6, 2017
The insurance industry is traditionally behind the times when it comes to incorporating technology, but there is data to indicate...
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New Data Show Major Promise for Life Insurance Agents

By Laura Pennington  /  September 11, 2017
A recent study conducted by the Life Office Management Association and their market research firm Gartner identified the impact of...
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What Final Expense Insurance Agents Should Know About How Consumers Purchase Life Insurance

By Laura Pennington  /  September 17, 2017
A recent 2016 study called the Insurance Barometer explored the various reasons why people do not follow through with purchasing...
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What Agents Should Know About the Selling Medicare Policies in 2018 and Beyond

By Laura Pennington  /  September 24, 2017
Traditionally, the Medigap supplement policies were relatively simple. However, these private insurance policies are evolving as of late to cover...
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