How to Succeed with Follow-Up Calls for Life Insurance

By Laura Pennington  /  October 1, 2017
Having an initial conversation with a potential client is an exciting opportunity but if it doesn't end with the client...
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New Data Show Major Promise for Life Insurance Agents

By Laura Pennington  /  September 11, 2017
A recent study conducted by the Life Office Management Association and their market research firm Gartner identified the impact of...
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Close the Sale as A Final Expense Insurance Agent

By Laura Pennington  /  October 23, 2017
You may want to know about what separates the top producers of final expense life insurance from the rest of...
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What Agents Should Know About the Selling Medicare Policies in 2018 and Beyond

By Laura Pennington  /  September 24, 2017
Traditionally, the Medigap supplement policies were relatively simple. However, these private insurance policies are evolving as of late to cover...
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