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Expert Advice on How to Deal With Anxiety in Insurance Sales

Expert Advice on How to Deal With Anxiety in Insurance Sales

You can prepare yourself to succeed in your sales job when you focus on becoming the best version of yourself. If you're like 40 million other people in the United States, you also have anxiety. 

Anxiety is an issue that several people deal with and happens to be one of the worst situations to have if your job is to talk to people convincingly each day. But fear not -- there's hope. 

When you look into some anxiety management tips, you will be better able to serve your customers without this condition getting you down. So what are the best ways to fight anxiety head-on? We're glad you asked. 

The tips below will teach you how to deal with anxiety to become the best salesperson possible.

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Best Ways to Find Insurance Leads

Best Ways to Find Insurance Leads (Without Cold Calling)

Marketing insurance can sometimes feel like one of the most challenging jobs in the world. You make dozens of cold calls a day and often get hung up on for the vast majority of them. But how can you market your insurance agency without resorting to cold calling?

There are some wonderful innovative insurance lead generation strategies that can help gain you more clients. From social media marketing to strong content creation, these methods can be more effective and more pleasant than the dreaded cold-calling. 

Read on to discover some of these strategies and how your company can use them to grow your client base the easy way.

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Medicare Training 101 Program Announcement!

Medicare Training 101 Program Announcement!

Finally! The revamped Medicare Training 101 program is here! Learn how you can get VIP access to the new and improved Medicare training 101 program by becoming a valued partner with the TR King Insurance Marketing team.

Continue reading to learn more.

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Cold Calling Scripts

Cold Calling Scripts for Insurance Agents (Perfect for All Occasions)

Many marketing circles may view cold calling as something of a taboo, a tactic with very low return and even worse customer satisfaction. But that was using the old model of dialing thousands of numbers at random, hoping you found one or two interested customers.

Today, cold calling can be much more targeted and effective.

Cold calling can be a great way to connect one-on-one with interested customers who may simply need a little more encouragement to make a purchase. Read on to discover how to build great cold calling scripts that will keep your customer numbers on the rise.

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Marketing Mistakes Insurance Agents Make

7 Marketing Mistakes Insurance Agents Make (Don’t Be Like Them!)

Do you find it challenging to market yourself to prospective clients? Do you have trouble securing contracts with major insurance providers?

You might be missing out on the latest marketing trends, such as automation, in which 64% of marketers claim higher lead generation in the first six months. Or, maybe you're not nurturing those leads.

These are just a few of the common marketing mistakes made by insurance agents. Learn about the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them impacting your insurance sales with this guide.

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