top qualities for successful insurance agents

Top Personal Qualities for Insurance Agents

  • July 14, 2017

Did you know that the qualities you possess or work hard to improve can be directly reflected in your bottom line? Most agents start out their business with the best of intentions and may go into hyper drive, focusing on sales and generating leads. There is no doubt that lead generation will always play a role in your life insurance agent business, but it may be an opportunity to reframe how you think about speaking to customers.

There are certain qualities that can make some insurance agents more successful than others. It can be frustrating to watch your peers succeed in this realm and generate more business or at a faster rate than you do.

Consider whether or not you already have some or all of the qualities outlined below. Whether you are already working as an insurance agent and considering the opportunities to improve your sales game for the future or if you are thinking about becoming an insurance agent and wonder if this career path could be right up your alley, there are several qualities that you at least need to have or will be willing to work on in order to be successful.

A Vibrant Personality

One of the most important components for any insurance agent who will be marketing on a regular basis is to appear eager and excited at all times. That’s why a high energy level is a must for the job.

It’s not always easy to talk about insurance products as it could come across as stale or even morbid depending on your industry. However, a worn down disposition can immediately be reflected to your clients and rub off on to them and discourage them from purchasing anything.

Persistence and Consistency

When it comes to your strong personality, that must carry over to your persistence. This is perhaps the most important quality for any insurance agent. You must be able to handle rejection on a nearly constant basis and use the information and learn from the rejection to tailor your approaches in the future. Good insurance agents will understand that every time that you hear a no from the customer is simply an opportunity to get closer to someone who will say yes. A final component of the personality aspects that make a great insurance agent is honesty. Insurance agents who use deception or misrepresentation to close business will very rarely stay with the company very long and could even be facing criminal charges.


A good agent knows that it’s about more than that, and that telling clients the truth upfront will earn them respect and trust that could lead to repeat business over the course of the future. Another category for insurance agents to consider are their people skills. You have to be able to put the needs of the client first: both when it comes to the initial conversation to learn their needs all the way up to the point at which you are closing the sale.

You are not likely to last long in the business if you are not putting the needs of the clients first. A brokering agent who listens carefully to what the prospects say will lead to a trust-built relationship and the proposition of insurance products that are more in line with the customer’s needs. Furthermore, make sure that you carry through on this throughout the relationship with your client.

Communication Skills

Customers who are able to reach out to their agents when they need them are much more likely to stay happy and reassured about the sale.

A timely response to questions can help cement you as a professional in their eyes. Finally, you’ll need to rely on your emotional intelligence to an extent. This means the ability to empathize and to listen to clients on a deep level in order to better understand what they need and want.

A good agent can help present the financial reality very clearly, even when the client does not yet understand it. Finally, the third category of qualities that you should have as an insurance agent, entering the field or capitalizing on your skills as an existing agent is general knowledge. You must be able to have

You must be able to have the technical knowledge and a wide understanding of the different types of products. A good insurance agent will be able to provide a comprehensive overview of the services and products that can meet any reasonable need that a client might come to them with. Furthermore, a good agent should know how to do more than simply sell a policy.

The legal and tax aspects of any products that are sold and how these products can fit into the overall financial situation for the client should always be considered when approaching a new sale. Many agents may increase their financial knowledge by receiving financial planning designations. No matter how you approach the business of selling things as a life insurance agent, you have to do it with the knowledge that the client always comes first. Enhancing your knowledge and ability to communicate with clients will be two of the things that carry you the furthest in the insurance game.

No matter what type of products you sell, you should be familiar with the landscape, new products coming out, challenges clients frequently face and the emotional issues that prompt them to purchase insurance in the first place.

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