How to Get More Sales Even as an Inexperienced or Young Insurance Agent

How to Get More Sales Even as an Inexperienced or Young Insurance Agent

  • May 17, 2017

How to Get More Sales Even as an Inexperienced or Young Insurance Agent

As someone new to the insurance agency, it can be extremely difficult to develop a client base. Whereas someone who has decades of experience in business probably has a roster of clients they have at least spoken to in the past or sold to in the past, it is more difficult for you to build up this roster.

Selling insurance can be different from many other types of employment opportunities. Insurance is one of the most expensive things individuals will buy over the course of their life but it’s impossible for them to hold it, see it or touch it. This is why it’s important to consider the approach you bring to the table as selling trust, promises and ideas. In an essence, you’re even selling yourself.

Most people involved in the insurance industry quit in the first two years and it can be hard to get started as an inexperienced agent particularly because the opportunity is out there should you infuse your business with these approaches. What follows are several different tips that can help you grow and expand your business as an inexperienced or young insurance agent while gaining the confidence necessary to take your business to the next level.

Always Find Common Ground

This goes for any type of insurance agent. It is important to open the conversation with your client as an opportunity to explore common ground. This will make it easier to connect with their individual needs and to point you in the right direction.

Determine whether or not you have grown up in the same neighborhood, have similar goals with their families or enjoy attending the same sporting or community events. Asking questions can help you identify common ground and to lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship with this individual.

Ask About their Children

One of the easiest ways to begin discussing the benefits of life insurance is to ask somebody about their children. This is particularly true if you are trying to sell to someone who is much older than you.

Learning more about their children or their grandchildren can enable you to ask further questions about that individual. You’re also priming them to think about their loved ones. This makes the prospect much more likely to buy from you since they would want someone else to have the same approach for their own child. If you come across as more polished than their own child, even if you are inexperienced and young as an insurance agent, this can increase the chances they will want to buy insurance directly from you. You will come off as a real professional by comparison.

Dress Professionally

It goes without saying that even in the modern era where you can conduct insurance sales over Skype or over the phone, you need to dress professionally anytime that you are client facing. If you dress professionally, your clients are more likely to take you seriously. Confidence can be built easily when you are dressed for the part well in advance and are prepared anytime that you may have a conversation with a prospect.

Follow the Markets and Remain Educated

If you want to relate to a more professional audience, follow the stock market. This can help you identify common ground and begin discussions about the retirement and their future planning goals. The money they have set aside for their retirement may not be intended only for them but also to pass on to their beneficiaries once they are no longer here.

Having a knowledgeable conversation about the stock markets can give you a good sense of the financial protections they already have in place and what they intend to accomplish. If the money set aside in their retirement accounts is not sufficient to leave behind for their beneficiaries, they may be more open to talking about the benefits of life insurance policies.

Practice Your Phone Voice

Record your voice on the phone while you’re interacting with some clients. Play it back later to determine whether or not you sound confident and smart. This can help you tweak the phrases that you use over the phone as well as in person with your potential clients so that you feel more comfortable the next time around. You can also critique your own sales calls after the fact to determine where the sale succeeded or fell apart so that you can tweak things for the future.

Remain Enthusiastic

Even though it can be challenging to talk about life insurance and other lines of insurance while remaining enthusiastic, since these can be somber topics, it’s important to remember that you are essentially selling yourself as well as selling the product. Being able to distinguish yourself with the enthusiasm shows that you care about not just the products and your career choice but also about the clients you are directly working with. This dramatically increases the chances that the clients you are talking to will be interested in doing business with you or referring you to others. 

When you approach your job the right way, it’s much easier to build long-term relationships and convert prospects to sales.  

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