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Why You Should Care About Thrivent

Thrivent Financial was created when two Lutheran organizations merged. The Luther Union started in 1918 and the Aid Association for Lutherans was established in 1902. They merged in 2002 to become Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. They expanded to include all Christians in 2013 and removed the Lutheran from their company name. They are rated (A++ Superior) with A. M. Best and rated (A+) with the Better Business Bureau.


Thrivent Medicare Supplement Highlights

The Thrivent Way

Thrivent Financial views money as a tool to help strengthen families and communities, while most financial companies view money as a goal. This is a different way to think about faith and finances. 

Dedication to Making A Difference

Thrivent Financial is a non-profit company that helps Christians be smart with money so they can live generously in all aspects of life!

Why Sell Thrivent Medicare Supplement Policies?

Thrivent Financial has amazingly low Medicare Supplement premium rates. They are also the highest-rated Medicare Supplement company in the industry. Thrivent Financial has a range of financial products, including, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, and Medicare Supplements. They have an E-app or paper app with guaranteed coverage and a free 30-day look. Thrivent Financial was named "one of the world's most ethical companies" and is number 318 on the Fortune 500 list of companies!  

Concerns Agents Express About Medicare Supplements


Can I sell Medicare Supplements over the phone?

Cigna makes this extremely easy for agents to sell without being face to face with the customer by providing you essential tools for quoting and applications as most Medicare supplement companies do.


Is it hard for customers to qualify for Medicare Supplements?

Overall if your client is reasonably healthy or qualifies for their Open Enrollment Period and have Part A and B they can get a Medicare Supplement. Cigna makes this even easier by providing substandard tiers for their applicants moving the customer from declined to approved as long as they agree to the rate adjustment.

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