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Why You Should Care About (GPM)

 (GPM) was created in 1934 to provide America's Military Troops and their families much needed insurance coverage. Fast forward to today, (GPM) offers life insurance, annuities, and (GPM) Medicare Supplements to all Federal Employees and civilians across the United States. They are rated (A-) with A. M. Best. 


(GPM) Medicare Supplement Highlights

Nationwide Portfolio

(GPM) has competitive rates on the most popular plan G and N. They offer a very generous household  discount and a simple electronic application. 

Financial Stability

(GPM) is a mutual insurance company, meaning the company is owned by its policyholders, not public stockholders. All profits of the company go to policyholders annually through dividends. 

Why Sell (GPM) Medicare Supplement Policies?

(GPM) makes applying for Medicare Supplements easy. As an Agent, you can do a three-way conference call with (GPM) and do your whole application over the phone with email or fax! They are also one of the very few companies that will take a company check from a business owner or their spouse. Most companies will not accept company checks due to compliance with the new tax laws. (GPM) is growing fast by offering agents very strong commission renewals to help you grow a stable monthly income. 


Concerns Agents Express About Selling Medicare Supplements


Can I cross-sell Medicare Supplements with different Products?

Yes! If you can save your customer money, then you can suggest a Life, Cancer, Dental or whatever product they may need. Now they have more coverage for about the same monthly expense!! You're a Hero!   


How can I build a retirement income without upfront money?

Medicare Supplement commissions are less upfront money, yes. However, health products such as medicare have a very high persistency and stable income through renewals allowing you to build a substantial income. Wouldn't it be nice to make $5,000 BEFORE your first cup of coffee?

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