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Why You Should Trust ANTEX

In 2017, Forbes Listed ANTEX as one of "America's Most Trustworthy Financial Companies." American National Insurance Company of Texas is rated (A) with A.M. Best.


American National Insurance Company of Texas Highlights

Competitive Portfolio

The Medicare company offers the lowest pricing in some states for plans F, G, and N. Especially in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. 

Corporate Values

ANTEX founded in 1905 based on solid management and investment ideas. Jim Pozzi, President and CEO of American National, stated, "Financial Strength and Integrity are two of American National's top corporate values."

Why Sell American National Insurance Company of Texas Medicare Supplements?

One of the biggest benefits of ANTEX's Medicare Supplements is the easy to qualify HouseHold Discount, making the company exceptionally competitive. You can qualify for the 7% household discount with only one other person who resides in the same household over the age of 18.

Reasons Agents Don't Sell Medicare Supplements


I won't make as much money! 

False! Over time Medicare Supplements add up to a sizeable monthly income compared to a Final Expense (SIWL) policies that will probably fall off the books and that drop massively in renewals after the first-year commission.


There are too many rules to follow! ‚Äč

Again, Not True! While this may be true of Medicare Advantage, this is not the case for regular Medicare Supplements. In fact, they take no more time to sell than a life insurance policy.

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