About T R King Insurance Marketing

Located in the Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia, TR King Insurance Marketing, LLC is a national insurance marketing organization that recruits, services, and supports senior marketing insurance agents in the United States.

TR King Insurance Marketing was launched in 2007 by Todd R. King as a sole business owner and employee. TR King Insurance Marketing was established with a mission to form long-lasting business relationships with insurance agents all over the world. But what about us brings joy to insurance agents? TR King IM is dedicated to providing impeccable service, great mentoring, and integrity above all else. Todd felt strongly about simply doing the right thing by agents because it was simply the right thing to do and we have stood by that til the present day.

What about us makes us different from other IMOs? We have real insurance experience and we care about your success. We don't cut your commissions to provide you with the resources you need and you're paid by the carrier not us.

Todd King
Todd R. King begin his career in 1998 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, offering services to seniors as a captive agent for an agency based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He realized quickly that the market was an area in need of his help. After a few years of exceptional performance in providing service to thousands of seniors, he was given the responsibility of becoming vice-president of a small agency located in Roanoke, Virginia. However, he didn’t stop there: Todd left the company in 2007 to establish TR King Insurance Marketing. TR King IM would hold to the creed of loyalty to agents by providing them the best advice and rates, upholding honesty above all else. In just a few years, TR King IM formed relationships with agents and agencies spanning across the entire United States in order to provide the best agent support possible. TR King IM promises to meet every agent’s needs by providing a wide array of companies, products, training, customer service, advice, sales tools, agent resources, and the best commissions. Todd’s responsibilities at TR King IM are sales, agent onboarding, agent support, new business support, client placement support, and executive vision and direction. Todd founded TR King IM with the agent in mind and intends to stay true to its motto: Do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do!
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Matthew King
Matthew R. King began his career by joining the Air Force. While stationed at Eielson Air Force base, he was responsible for a metropolitan area network of 3,000 users. He was responsible for tasks such as testing, troubleshooting, installation, configuration, and maintenance of network assets. During his time in the military Matthew exhibited sharp leadership, guidance, and training of his peers, which led him to earn five certifications in networking and numerous other awards. Matthew’s devotion to his work led to several promotions, and the entrusting of approximately 44 billion dollars in assets to his supervision. He flourished not only in his military career, but also in the academic. Matthew was awarded the “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges” by the American Military University. This award is given only to 1% of the school’s students. Later in his career with the Air Force, Matthew was moved to supervise a total of 88 technicians and three different work centers, and was responsible for management of work flow, reporting, data analysis, records, and daily operations. After completing his BAS in Information Technology, he continued on to become part of the TR King IM team as of July, 2014. As the Co-Owner his responsibilities are sales, marketing, agent support, new business support, record management, and technology assistance.
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Michael Mullens
CFO & Online Marketer
Michael Mullens started his journey with Combined Insurance selling disability and accident policies door to door in 1984 after graduating college. In a year’s time Michael moved on to working with a national wholesale company working his way up to manager through his determination and dedication. After 10 years Michael moved on to the financial industry, after being with several companies he opened his own mortgage company in 2002 called Allied Home Mortgage. During his time, he accomplished many goals and awarded certificates with excellence ratings on compliance and production. In 2010, Mike took a four-year hiatus from his business endeavors in order to care for his beloved father and mentor. During this time, he also converted a successful brick-and-mortar store into a thriving e-commerce platform. Since 2014, Mike has been a key member of TR King Insurance Marketing, working as both a business advisor, and as the head of all financial responsibilities and online marketing. Mike's duties are a vital part of the success of TR King, and will continue to be so going forward.
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Daecy King
Contracting Specialist
Daecy King heads up all of the agent contracting at TR King Insurance Marketing. She joined the firm in 2016, and she quickly became an integral part of the team. In addition to her duties of agent contracting, Daecy's day-to-day responsibilities also include agent support, correspondence, carrier partner support, and data entry. In 2011, Daecy - at that time residing in Canada - met Matthew King during his time in the U.S. Armed Services. In 2016, she and Matthew married, and that same year, Daecy joined the TR King Insurance Marketing team. Daecy is a critical success factor in the TR King Insurance Marketing Company's daily operations, and she continues to provide ingenuity to the entire team of home office personnel, as well as to the agents and the insurance carriers that we partner with.