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experienced insurance agents and agencies

by giving them the TOOLS TO DOUBLE their INCOME in 90 days without giving up your independence or sacrificing your commission.

Why work with us

A long history of industry experience

We have over 20+ years in the insurance industry and over 15+ years serving agents & agencies.

We serve agents just like you

We currently serve over 2,000 independent agents and 150 agencies nationwide.

Recognized by many

We've been featured in many news outlets and on industry relevant blogs for our service.

Coaching like no other

We consistently give out free advice on several platforms to assist agents looking to get started.

100% Release

Our Guarantee to You

You are fully protected by our 100% Release Guarantee. If you aren't happy with our service or a particular carrier and you have no debit balance, we will release you from your contract upon request. We will even sign a pre-release agreement before you sign up. Just request it.

Why agents pick us as their Insurance Field Marketing Organization (IMO/FMO) partner

High Commission Level Contracts

You'll have access to national carriers to offer your clients with BIG commissions for YOU.

Med Supps, MAPDs, Life, Annuities, FE, Short & Long Term, Hospital Indemnities and more.

Compensation paid direct to you

Your contracts are direct to the insurance company.

All commissions will be paid directly to you. We'll never be in the middle of your payments.

All the Marketing Resources & leads you need

Get access to our LeadStream Lead Portal program.

You'll be able to buy affordable & vetted digital leads, inbound calls, live transfer calls, and aged leads for final expense, Medicare, and ACA.

Online Training Programs

You & downlines you recruit will be upgraded to our Insurance Advisor Elite Training Program with a VIP Account for self-paced insurance training.

No-Cost Software & Tools Provided

Free access to the following:

  • Quoting Tools
  • MAPD & PDP Enrollment Tools
  • Drug Savings Program Enrollment Tools
Stellar agent support for you

We have good ole' fashion customer service with a live person.

Just call and you'll be connected to a representative to help you with your needs during business hours.

rapid responses to your questions

We are well known in the industry for rapidly responding to emails, phone calls, live chats, messages, and voicemails.

Mentoring & guidance like no other

We are well known for providing unbiased guidance & mentoring for you and your business.

We'll be transparent and straightforward, even if it means we're not the right place for you.

Assistance with client placement

If you are helping a client and struggling to find the right product & company give us a call.

We're here to show you how to find the right one.

Open & Quick Carrier Releases

We will release you immediately upon request, as long as you don't owe a debt to an insurance company or us.

We even sign pre-release agreements before you sign up if you request one!

Online Contracting Software

You can submit contracts seamlessly and effortlessly online with our Surancebay (SureLC) software.

Recruiters can use this software to contract your agents at NO-COST.

Exclusive Agent Discounts

You'll get access to discounts on licensing, technology, leads, software, and more to help you save thousands of dollars!

How we work.


You learn about us


You apply


You succeed

Meet the team behind everything.

Todd R. King


The founder established TR King Insurance Marketing in 2007.

Todd set our vision and mission that our company would always do what's right and have you and your client's needs be our focus.

Matthew R. King


By nature, Matthew devotes himself to creating, implementing, and executing operational, sales, training, marketing, agent support, processes, planning & strategies every day.

Michael Mullens

CFO & Advisor

Michael has worked several managing positions and even run two companies himself! He still owns an online store even now. He gives priceless insight into both business and all financial aspects.

Daecy King

Contracting Manager

Daecy, the meticulous specialist that makes all of your contracting seamless and orderly. She consistently follows up and brings ingenuity to the entire home office here.

Grace Marino

Lead Specialist

Grace assist agents by helping them get in front of more people on a daily basis providing critical insights and lead opportunities to agents and agencies.

Our mission and promise to YOU.

"Do the right thing because it's simply the right thing to do!". This motto is what drives our business to always aim to do the right thing and provide the best customer service to our agents and agencies. Our promise to you is to put the money where it matters most; in your pocket.

A difference that matters.

The Problem With Uplines For You

Many other IMOs, FMOs, BGAs, and GAs called "uplines" focus on building up THEIR production numbers or on creating programs that force you to do some or all of the following:

  1.  Move all your contracts to them for access to a program or resource.
  2. Commit to mandatory group meetings for training that isn't focused on YOU.
  3. Provide software that is taken from you if you leave them.
  4. Push you to pick up products and insurance companies that benefit them and NOT YOU and YOUR CLIENTS.
  5. Force you to commit to buying their leads every week or put down an initial deposit to get access to their lead program.
  6. Lack of full transparency on releases, comp levels, valuable insights, guidance, and more
  7. Lack the clarity on exactly what they will be helping you with and what they're trying to achieve.
  8. Typically you pick up contracts and never hear from your representative again or you have a hard time getting a hold of someone.

The Solution Available To You

It's time for our shameless plug. We're the solution to this problem that we see agents have. Here is how we combat the above problems:

  1.  You only need one active contract with us to access our training, programs, and resources.
  2. The training has been developed to be self-paced, available anytime and on any device, designed to be step-by-step, give actionable advice, and provide you with training to give your downlines at no cost.
  3. Any software we provide you at no cost will not be taken away from you if you leave.
  4. The companies will be picked based on the following criteria: Financial rating, competitive pricing, customer support, agent support, and product niche.
  5. We commit to providing you with awesome leads. We developed the LeadStream system to help you with running your business.
  6. Our first goal is to provide you with actionable and valuable guidance on the first interaction with us. Along with that, you'll be provided with complete transparency on release policies and commission levels.
  7. We pride ourselves are having quick response rates.

We assist experienced agents and agencies when you're selling!

During business hours (see at the bottom of the website) we're only a phone call, live chat, or email away. Here when you need us, just like a friend.

We'll help teach and guide you to the right placement for your client. We'll show you why and exactly how we came to the options available to your client.

Medicare Insurance Products

Get help effectively selling Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage products online, over the phone, or face to face.

Final Expense Insurance

The help you need to sell simplified issue whole life insurance online, over the phone, or face to face to take your sales to the next level.

Fixed-Index Annuities Products

Get assistance closing sales efficiently and effectively with strong fixed index annuities online, over the phone, or face to face.

Life Insurance Products

Get the help you need when finding the right life insurance to cover your client's needs online, over the phone, or face to face.

Supplement Insurance

Get the tools you need to cross-sell several supplemental and ancillary products to boost your revenue and double your sales.

Long-Term Care

Find peace of mind for your client's financial security while protecting their hard earned assets. You can assist them in their later years.

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